All About My Mother - A Film Shot in Barcelona

Being a city lover means that you should really know everything, at least, most of the thing about Barcelona city. Until today we have tried to write about many tourist attractions in Barcelona city. Besides, hotels, pensions, things to do, transportation in Barcelona city are one of those information you can find at our site. Of course these subjects come first when you do search about a new city but we being Barcelona city travel guide site try to tell and write about anything about this fantastic Barcelona city. So here in this article you will learn about films set in Barcelona city so far. One of these films shot in Barcelona is All About My Mother ( Todo Sobre Mi Madre) by Pedro Almodovor in 1999. Actually the movie starts in Madrid but later continues and ends in Barcelona. Costars are Penelope Cruz, Cecilia Roth and Marisa Paredes. In this film you can see Teatre Tivoli, Cementiri De Montjuic, Hospital Del Mar, Palau De La Musica Catalana and Sagrada Familia. At our site you can find detailed information about these locations in Barcelona city

Story of All About My Mother is really interesting. Manuela is a single mom who is raising up his child by herself. His 17th year-old child and she go to theatre but on the way back his son tries to get the actress's photo but he has an accident and dies. After his death, Manuela decides to go back to Barcelona and finds his father. She can't find transvestite father but she meets his old friend. Then the story goes with a new friend in Barcelona. In the movie we have chance to see many monumental places belong to Barcelona and while watching that film we will have chance to understand the native Spanish people. We highly recommend that movie which has got a good point in imdb cinema review page. We will continue to write Films about Barcelona. If you are fond of cinema and Barcelona then you may want to read our articles about movies about in Barcelona. We will continue to mention about any different details of Barcelona city. To be able to know everything about this amazing city please follow your Barcelona city guide. I hope you enjoy our posts. See you in the next article. Here below you can find the trailer of the movie. Enjoy the video. 

Pension Villanueva in Barcelona

We like to give example of some cheap pensions in Barcelona city. If you are one of those travelers who like to pay less on accommodation but prefer a good place to stay then we recommend you read and follow our pensions in Barcelona city articles. I hope you will find a good, cheap and comfortable pension in Barcelona. Pension Villanueva is one of the cheap pensions in Barcelona. Pension Villanueva guesthouse is in the centre of Barcelona. It has got both Las Ramblas and Plaça de Reial scenery. It's a little more expensive than the other pensions in the city centre but it is cleaner and more comfortable and located at the heart of the city. It is a friendly accommodation with fantastic balconies and free wi-fi connection. Don't forget that if front desk is open then the lift is on. 

The building has really historical look and it makes you feel true in Barcelona. You can choose shared bathroom option if you would like to stay cheaper. In the lobby you can find a drink machine. Also, you can access Quarter and the Port Vell in a few minutes by walking. Pension Villanueva prices range from 30€ to 80€ per a day for two according to room facilities such as if you prefer private bathroom and double and single bed combination. It has got heating and fan system. There is no parking lot. The reception is available between 8.00 and 12.00am. There is no breakfast service. You won't regret if you choose to stay in Pension Villanueva in Barcelona city. Also the comments in tripadvisor for Pension Villanueva are worth to read. We will mention about other cheap and good pensions in Barcelona city in our articles. You may want to follow your Barcelona city guide. You can save on the accommodation but spend on the fun much more. For more accommodation in Barcelona articles check our Accommodation title at the main page of our site. Have a nice holiday in Barcelona. Enjoy the city and don't worry about where to stay in Barcelona

Pension 45 in Barcelona

Some travelers like to stay in the city centre of the city yet they prefer lower prices. We think that it's the best idea to spend less on accommodation in Barcelona city in order to taste everything you see. So best pensions in Barcelona city will offer you best prices with higher standards. Especially if you are looking for pensions in the city centre of Barcelona then this article will help you a lot. Below you can find the cheapest and best pensions in Barcelona city located in the city centre. I hope after you read this article about where to stay in Barcelona you will be able to plan your Barcelona city travel easier. We will introduce some top pensions with lowest prices but in highest quality. All the pensions below are in the city centre. Enjoy the tour and choose the best for you. 

1- Pension 45 

Staying in a pension which makes you feel the atmosphere of this ancient city, Barcelona. In the heart of the city, Pension 45 stands with its all historical look and makes you think that you are really in an old city in the 21th century. So when you choose your accommodation in Pension 45 you will feel like locals. Pension 45 is located at Ciutat Vella which is just one street back of the city centre. From the windows you see the main street. It is just 50 meters away. From the balcony the side streets look really lovely and worth to watch while you drink something. What are the Pension 45 facilities? There is free wi-fi but a little slow. There are single and double room options beside you can choose a room with a bath shared or sink inside the room. There is no breakfast service. Front desk is at your service 7/24. You may have a little trouble as person at front desk doesn't know English too much but be sure that they will do their best for your comfort.

At night, it gives you a romantic scenery. It is only two minutes away from Las Ramblas. You should be aware of that there can be noise at nights at the pension. Besides, the pension prices are reasonable but you shouldn't expect too much high standard. Per night you may pay between 30 and 90€ according to person number and room facility options. Pension 45 is cheaper than most of the pensions and stands in the city centre. So if you aren't looking for much luxury then this pension can be a good choice to stay. For accommodation options in Barcelona city continue to follow your Barcelona city guide. We will give information about many more cheap pensions in Barcelona city which are at the heart of the city. We would like you to be able to plan your best holiday in Barcelona and enjoy the tour in the city. So we will try to describe lots of cheapest pensions in Barcelona city. Places to stay in Barcelona are ready for your trip.

For more information and reservation you can contact to Pension 45.
Address:  Calle Tallers, 45, Barcelona, Spain

A Quim Family Tradition - Quimet & Quimet Restaurant

Are you looking for the best tapas bars in Barcelona city? Then, we would like to introduce  Quimet & Quimet Tapas Bar. There are many good tapas bars in different areas of Barcelona city but you can be sure that  Quimet & Quimet is the best tapas bar in Barcelona. We hear that previous visitors say  Quimet & Quimet is really small and there are no seats in the bar which looks like a small room but with all heart we can say that, this tapas bar offers really best small dishes such as salmons with yoghurt and honey, croquettes, yoghurt with anchovy, canned preserves ,etc.

Quimet & Quimet offers their visitors best tapas in the city. Thinking of canned preserves may look like you will have to eat frozen undelicious food which are sold in the supermarkets but no, not in  Quimet & Quimet bar. The restaurant's specialty is canned preserves. Since four generations Quimet family have run this tapas bar. Quimet & Quimet which was founded in 1914 began its business life by selling really great tasteful wines but in years it has improved itself and started to offer some small bites with wines and now in the 21th century it is the best . You can try foie gras, some special cheese and delicious salmon kinds. With long walls hosting many wine bottles, Quimet & Quimet looks very cosy and friendly. Generally, bars and these kinds of tapas bars don't hold any seats so that visitors can feel themselves in warm atmosphere and have chance to socialize much more.

 Quimet & Quimet is the place where you can taste real delicious Sangria in Barcelona city. They make their own wine. It's a take away restaurant and if you want you can spend time with your friends or alone inside the bar feeling yourself like local Spanish. You should be prepared that  Quimet & Quimet is not open in August. So summer tourists may feel angry but in Barcelona, it's widespread not to work in August. Is  Quimet & Quimet expensive? We think that you can find any kinds of food at reasonable prices which cost approximately 30€. The prices vary between 5 and 30€. It is open Monday to Friday from 12 to 16hr and from 19-22.30hr, Saturday from 12-16hr. Quimet & Quimet is closed on Saturday night, Sunday and August. So take into consider these times and dates while visiting Quimet & Quimet restaurant. You will not regret if you pop in this cosy tapas bar in Barcelona city. You can read our articles about food and drink in Barcelona city so that you can have the chance to make the best of your holiday in Barcelona. Where to eat and drink in Barcelona will not be a question for you anymore as your Barcelona city travel guide will keep on informing you about best restaurants in Barcelona .

You can arrive at Quimet & Quimet by using Paral-lel M;L2,L3 metro. The bar is located at Poble Sec, Montjuic. The address is Carrer Del Poeta Cabanyes, 25. For more questions you can call 93 442 31 42. Enjoy the best tapas in Barcelona! Here is the map for easy access.

A Beauty Spot in the World's Best Surfing Beach Lombok tour with a plus

The beauty of World Best Surfing Spot in Beach, tourist destination areas on the island of Lombok seemingly inexhaustible if we explore. Small example in one district as in West Lombok district have adequate many beautiful beaches and unspoiled, ranging from white sandy beaches to sand grains in the form of pepper can be found. And the beach is the beach area below the southern part of West Lombok virgin / travelers rarely visit, because it is quite hidden and not familiar beach Senggigi or Kuta beach. Mas is a district of West Lombok, which is adjacent to the harbor this sheet, have a lot of beach area along dozens of kilometers, with the dominant white sandy beaches with clear sea water tinged bluish.

And one of the beaches that are now beginning to travelers visit is Pemalikan Beach, where the beach is limited by small hills next to the beach area. For tourists lokasl, the beach is still not in the know, but not for foreign tourists, because the waves in the coastal area is a paradise for surfers Pemalikan world. Because waves at this beach have included 10 of the world's waves, the waves are called in surfing terms are left-handed or a left hand wave Wafe, which supposedly also the best in the world for this kind of left-handed wave, especially in the months of June to August .

In addition to the appeal of the waves for surfers, there is another uniqueness that can be found on this coast, ranging from white sand with a grain of pepper, a cave, until the coastal biota colorful. It also used to be on the beach because it is a haven Pemalikan Japanese army, in caves around this beach we can find a large cannon of war the Japanese army. So besides the waves for tourists Wafe seeker, this beach also has another attraction that can be enjoyed by all classes of travelers.

Because the track is quite difficult to reach this location, should we visited with guide services bureau of the best travel agency in the city of Mataram, Lombok tour is a plus, which will ensure the comfort and safety of our tour around the island of Lombok, and in particular to this Pemalikan beach, quite contact them at telephone number 0370-7027587 or BBM pin 26676D76 we can directly book their travel package pulled together.

Italian Wind '' La Poma'' Restaurant in Barcelona

When you arrive in a different country first thing you think about where to eat and drink? So in Barcelona city there are many good restaurants and pubs you can eat or spend a good time. Here in this article, we are going to try to introduce a special Italian Food Restaurant in Barcelona city called La Poma. If you travel or stay around La Rambla street on El Raval district this can be the best choice to taste Italian pizza and Mediterranean food in the city. Firstly we suggest you taste delicious tapas food and If you miss or want to try different kind of food it may be a good choice to spend lunch or dinner time in La Poma

What can we eat in Barcelona city in La Poma? The restaurant offers you lots of different delicious cuisine in Las Ramblas street. You can have caprese salad with rocket, tomato and basil oil, pizza kinds with porcini, gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onions. If you want to have fish menu you can try Catalan style cod with garlic mousseline. After you choose your lunch or dinner, you may want to have some dessert so we suggest you have brownie with walnuts and chocolate cream or homemade cheese cake. 

When you are in Barcelona,  La Poma restaurant can be a good choice with its reasonable prices. A menu is approximately 20€. Is La Poma restaurant expensive? We think it offers visitors best prices in Barcelona city. While you have your dish,  big surronding windows will let you enjoy fantastic view of La Rambla street. The restaurant offers us relaxing atmosphere. It is available for handicapped visitors. La Poma is informal restaurant so it is available for your private or group visits. For family meetings it is the best choice in Barcelona city. Even on Sunday, La Poma restaurant is open. 

Where to eat or drink in Barcelona city please keep on following your Barcelona city guide. If you want to plan your holiday in Barcelona city better we highly suggest you follow our articles for Barcelona city travel guide. Enjoy pizza in La Poma. For best restaurant in Barcelona city, read our articles about food and drink. 

You can check the adress below:

Address: la Rambla, 117 (Barcelona). 
Area: El Raval.
Tel. Reservations: 933 300 303
Reservation may be required. Please contact to restaurant beforehand.