A Beauty Spot in the World's Best Surfing Beach Lombok tour with a plus

The beauty of World Best Surfing Spot in Beach, tourist destination areas on the island of Lombok seemingly inexhaustible if we explore. Small example in one district as in West Lombok district have adequate many beautiful beaches and unspoiled, ranging from white sandy beaches to sand grains in the form of pepper can be found. And the beach is the beach area below the southern part of West Lombok virgin / travelers rarely visit, because it is quite hidden and not familiar beach Senggigi or Kuta beach. Mas is a district of West Lombok, which is adjacent to the harbor this sheet, have a lot of beach area along dozens of kilometers, with the dominant white sandy beaches with clear sea water tinged bluish.

And one of the beaches that are now beginning to travelers visit is Pemalikan Beach, where the beach is limited by small hills next to the beach area. For tourists lokasl, the beach is still not in the know, but not for foreign tourists, because the waves in the coastal area is a paradise for surfers Pemalikan world. Because waves at this beach have included 10 of the world's waves, the waves are called in surfing terms are left-handed or a left hand wave Wafe, which supposedly also the best in the world for this kind of left-handed wave, especially in the months of June to August .

In addition to the appeal of the waves for surfers, there is another uniqueness that can be found on this coast, ranging from white sand with a grain of pepper, a cave, until the coastal biota colorful. It also used to be on the beach because it is a haven Pemalikan Japanese army, in caves around this beach we can find a large cannon of war the Japanese army. So besides the waves for tourists Wafe seeker, this beach also has another attraction that can be enjoyed by all classes of travelers.

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