Top 10 Things To Do In Summer In New York City

The city of splendor, elegance, money and luxury; New York is a jewel to the crown of the United States. From fashion, to business this awe-inspiring part of the American land has so much to share with the world. The people of New York are considered to be some of the most jovial persons of the world and they really do know how to have a cool hangout; even in hot, blazing summers. So this summer season, visit New York City and have fun, in the Yorkers' style.
Musing what to do in the city? Check out this list of mind blowing things to do in New York City-

1. Hangout At Rooftop Bars And Restaurants
New York has some of the coolest rooftop bars and restaurants servicing special summer menu and drinks. Visit any bar or restaurant and have a small fun party with your near and dear ones. If you are alone and feeling bored, just hit any of the bars and you can find a group of fun loving and welcoming New Yorkers chilling over there.

2. Biking Around The City
New York has a lot of places which can be best explored by riding through the streets. Rent a cycle, peddle down to some random places and enjoy the huge buildings and marvelous vicinages of the city.

3. Hit The Beaches
This glamorous city of the United States also has some of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches, loaded with energetic crowd. Go to a beach and enjoy fun games such beach volley ball, sand rugby or some water sports like surfing and diving. One of the best things to do in New York City is to set a small beach shade and sun bathe under the warm sun, if you want to simply sit and enjoy the activities.

4. Free Concerts
Summer season in New York means a host of free music concerts. Mad Decent Block Party, Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, Electric zoo Festival and Celebrate Brooklyn are some of the annual free concerts popular among the locals as well as among the tourists. Drop by a concert and have a groovy time there.

5. Free Movie Nights
New York people are avid art lovers, with a difference. Instead of enjoying classic movie in a lavish theater; they set up open air theaters and screens on roof top bars, beaches and other cool places. Some of the most popular places for free movie nights are Coney Island, Cyclone and lower Manhattan. So this summer, grab an easy chair or blanket, some snacks, drinks and enjoy watching movies every night of the week.

6. Visit Astoria Park
Spread on a wide expanse of land near the Eat River, the park has one of the oldest swimming pools of the city. It's also one of the most preferred places of New York for weekend group outings. Visit Astoria Park and enjoy swimming and other pool sports over there.

7. Shop At Sugar Hill Market
Buy apparels, clothes for yourselves, home decors or take souvenirs for your loved ones; Sugar Hill Market has everything for everyone. This annual mobile artisans' market is a summer attraction of New York and is also a good place to spend the weekend of summers.

8. Coney Island's Mermaid Parade
Dress up like fairies, water nymphs, mermaids and walk down the street swaying to the music and walk down the roads of Coney Island. This annual parade is organized to celebrate the beginning of summer season on the New York land. Also every year in this parade, a mermaid and merman is declared and awarded.

9. Festivities At Union Square Park
Union Square Park hosts a great lot of festivities and events every year during summer season, especially for kids. This summer take your kids to this park and make their summer vacations a memorable one. The events include story-telling and movie watching.

10. Witness Street Art
Brooklyn and Manhattan are considered to be one of the most freakish destinations with a heap of graffiti art flourishing on the roadsides and walls in lanes. Walk down the streets of New York and you can see the artists doing their business on the walls and roads of New York City.

So, when are you planning your next summer trip for New York City? Do visit this ceaseless city, try some of these New York City things to do and have a fun time at the place.

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Stunning Tourist Attractions To Visit In New York City

Everyone wants to visit New York at least once in his lifetime, like you do. New York or commonly known as NYC is the global center of everything from fashion to technology to business. But there are some important things that you need to know about New York before you visit there.
New York is consisted of five different counties; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. You may start your journey from any one of them. And the climate around the vast landscape is just ideal for travelling all around the year.

New York Panoramic View
New York Panoramic View
And once you start travelling there is no end of it. There are a vast number of places that you must have to see. The most famous of them is the pride of America, The Statue of Liberty. It’s an exotic view from the coast of lower Manhattan. And once you get there and climb to the top of the statue you may see the whole skyline of the New York City from there.

After enjoying some time there you may move on and have a visit to the world famous Wall Street, the home of New York Stock Exchange.
Statue Of Liberty
Statue Of Liberty

Once you completed there, go to the Times Square. It will be best if you visit there at night. it is a best to explore beauty of New York. Thousand of wall-boards ads are placed all across the building lines. Now, if you are really interested in skyscrapers then NYC is the best place for you. There are too many of them to mention their entire names here. But two of those which you should not miss are Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, which are the example of modern architecture. If you want to take rest at some quite place then you may go to the Central Park. And on the way don’t miss to have a look at the Brooklyn Bridge.

New York Central Park
New York Central Park

New York is an ideal tourist city for arts lover. Among all  New York City tourist attractions, there are many galleries all around  city area like Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Arts etc. New York is also full of world class celebrities from tech-gurus to film stars. So you have a very good chance to see some of them face to face. And in case you are lucky, you may take a group photo with them.
Metropolitan Museum of Arts
Metropolitan Museum of Arts

Triphobo is one of the best online touring solutions. You may visit their web information regarding this alluring city before you are touring New York City.

Things To Do In London In Last Summer Week 24-31 August 2015

London is a beautiful, immensely spread and one of the most populated cities of the United Kingdom. The place is vibrant, tantalizing and never sleeps even in the nights. London summers have found frequent images and descriptions in many of the poems, paintings with landscapes of the city and its attractions. Land of the English Royals, this city is a landmark of the spirit of the Europe. London summers have found frequent images and descriptions in many of the poems, paintings with landscapes of the city and its attractions. The period of summers is a time of vacation and lethargy; people of London can be often seen chilling, hanging out soaking in the warm sun and partying. Also it is a season of various events and celebrations on the land.

Wondering what do in London during summers? Here is a list of few things to do in London which you can try- 
1. South West Four
This two day festival is organized every year in the last week of August month with some of the most popular band playing. Organized every year in the Clapham Common, this event marks the end of the weeklong summer vacations in London.
South West Four
2. Notting Hill Carnival
Commencing during the last week of August, this two day festivity is a one good series of fun and gaiety, with people walking down the streets performing, playing and dancing. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the Afro-Caribbean culture and tradition.
Notting Hill Carnival
3. Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
This huge open air theatre is located in Regent’s Park and holds plays and showcases movies which have been un-surpassingly famous. So, this summer take popcorn and beer, head towards this park and enjoy the classic plays of Shakespeare and classic movies.
Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
4. Eat Street!
London streets serve delicious and lip-smacking food, snacks and drinks especially in Berwick Street market, Borough market, Brockley market and many more. Hit down to the streets, visit the London summer festivities and enjoy eating at the streets.
Eat Street
5. Buckingham Palace Summer Opening
Receive a warm welcome from the Royal family of England to their palace and witness the royal living. Spend a whole day knowing the rich culture and history of England, and also dine at the palace. The palace also organizes various events for families, kids and groups.
Buckingham Palace Summer Opening
6. The Proms
Witness the grand closing ceremony of the 2 month long daily orchestra organized by BBC. The whole event is organized in Hyde Park, Glasgow Green Park and closing ceremony being at Royal Albert Hall. The event comprises of concerts, workshops, family events and many more.
The Proms
7. Witness the Pride Parade
The parade is taken for the rights and social upheaval of LGBT, bisexual, transgender people. The parade moves on some of the most busiest and major streets of London and is an annual event taking place every year during the summer season, in London.
Witness the Pride Parade
8. Boat Parties
Boat parties at Thames are one of the most preferred things to do in Londonand also another way of exploring the grandeur of the river Thames. You can rent a private boat as well as you can join other groups on their boat and have fun time sailing on the Thames.
Boat Parties
9. London wonder-ground
This event showcases some of the most amusing shows and acts and is organized every year during the summers. Organized every year in Southbank Center this event is famous for its shocking and entertaining acts; the highlights being bed sheet cabaret.
London wonder-ground
10. Leeds Festival
The event comprises of music and reading festival in the last week of August. Millions of crowd gathers for this event every year and some of the nicest bands across the world play over here.
Leeds Festival
Are you planning to visit the place this time in summer? Reach out to this fabulous city and try these things to do London in weekend.

Tips For Solo Women Traveler In Paris

Paris is a cosmopolitan city of France and is regarded as the city of lights and is a perfect travel destination for people is it couples, families or singles to get organised for a perfect holiday. Paris surpasses any destination on earth for its beauty and would surely satisfy people of all tastes, history buffs, shopaholics, people interested in food etc. Paris has never failed to captivate me as well during my latest visit as a solo women traveler  I wish to share few helpful tips on Paris travel for people who wish to explore this destination all by themselves.
Paris Skyline
Paris Skyline

What to pack:It is good to pack blazers and slacks more that sweatshirt and jeans here, for they are not just lighter bur are much accepted. It is good to dress smart here like a French Women, to not get recognized as a tourist easily. All chic women costumes here include a scarf as well. Also Paris is best explored by bare foot. Athletic shoes would help well rather than flats and stylish heels. Most of the attractions here are crowded; it is good to pack a book to read while waiting on the queue.

Public transportation here, through metro rail is fast and convenient here. They also connect important tourist destinations and tourist attractions in Paris. Tickets are available in bulk at the best cost for frequent travelers and tourists.
Paris Sightseeing Bus
Paris Sightseeing Bus
You can get multiple options for accommodation in Paris. It is good to stay local here, than to go in search of costly restaurants. There is beautiful bed and breakfast in Paris, with provisions to meet similar people. There are comfortable apartments on rent that are wise choices compared with hotels.

Eating out:
It is good for solo women travelers in Paris to eat at the markets, for people won’t feel the sense of loneliness in restaurants. Outdoor cafes are great places to pass time, just to watch romantic couples pass by.

Planning visits:
There are ample things to do in Paris and its attractions are wide and time consuming. It is good to plan the tour in advance such as visiting the museums early so that to enter as soon as they are opens. It also tends to be less crowded at these times. It is also good to know the weekly holidays for these attractions, to avoid waste of time.
Paris Outdoor Cafe
Paris Outdoor Cafe
Safety points:
Paris tourism is statistically safe compared with other tourist spots for female travelers  But still it is advisable to be vigilant, use common sense tricks when men approach and to avoid deserted streets at nights. It is good to stay in well-lit zones at night.
It is good to avoid smiling and maintaining prolonged eye contact with strangers and men, as it is interpreted as an invitation for a relationship. It is good to carry a map and learn the street signs here. It is also good to learn few phrases in French, to call out for help and to communicate few important gestures.

But, Paris travel is something that each traveler would cherish and enjoy and it would remain in my favorite memories always. Get Paris travel itinerary at Triphobo.

Top 10 London Tourist Attractions

London is a city of plenty. It houses an amazing melange of history, culture, art, science, technology, industrialization, and modernity. This amazing spectrum that London presents to us makes it the absolute and ultimate world's top tourist destinations. Experience and explore top of the London tourist attractions according to traveler's choice mentioned.

1] The London Eye -

The London eye is one of top London attraction as well as the highest observation wheel in the world. It has 32 capsules that can hold 25 people each. A ride in the London eye will give you panoramic views of London’ historical structures, modern buildings and beautiful bridges.

The London Eye
2] The Tower Of London -

This is one of the most famous buildings in the world with a 900-year history. The tower to discover the palace, place of execution, prison, jewel house, arsenal, and even a zoo. It is a distinctive historic landmark that enhances the beauty of central London manifold.

The Tower Of London
3] Buckingham Palace London -

Buckingham Palace is one of the many important royal landmarks that stand in London to this date. There are Seven Hundred and Seventy-five rooms in the Buckingham Palace. Exquisitely decorated interiors some of which date back to the 19th century are the highlight of this place and will really make feel the presence of Royalty around us.
Buckingham Palace London

4] Madame Tussauds Museum -

Madame Tussauds is a museum of beautiful life-like and life-sized wax figures of famous personalities from all over the world! Founded by a very creative wax sculptor of the same name, Madame Tussauds has sculptures of politicians, athletes, singers, actors, and a host of other famous figures.
Madame Tussauds Museum
5] The British Museum -

The British Museum alone makes London a preferred tourist destination. This extremely popular museum displays an array of objects dating from pre-historic times all the way to the modern era. Amazing artefacts such as the Parthenon sculptures, the Rosetta Stone, and mummies from the Ancient Egypt collection are all a part of the variety of things on display.
British Museum
6] The Natural History Museum -

The Natural History Museum in London is of the largest of its kind in the world. It contains the most impressive and well-preserved objects of natural historical importance in the world. The museum is brimming with objects of interest that are sure to enrich your knowledge of the world. It is a great place to take children and help them learn.
Natural History Museum

7] Big Ben London -

London has quite a few historic, iconic and unforgettable buildings but none more so than the Big Ben. This Huge tower is hard to miss in Central London but what made it so famous is the giant 13 ton resounding bell that is inside the clock tower that incidentally also gives it its name; Big Ben.
Big Ben London
8] National Gallery -

This vast space is a prominent feature of the famous Trafalgar Square, as it is home to a huge number 13-19th century Western European paintings. The gallery houses the work of Stubbs, Titan, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Da Vinci, and Renoir.
National Gallery
9] Tower Bridge -

The Tower Bridge which is located close to the Tower of London from which it gets its name is one of the many beautiful bridges that adorn the Thames in London. This bridge is unique for one, it is a bascule bridge or a draw-bridge which means it can be periodically folded up to let water-boats pass.