Catalunya Square

Tourist attractions in Barcelona start from Plaça de Catalunya in other words Catalunya Square. It's best known as being the heart of the city. In Barcelona city, you can access anywhere from this square. All buses or metro lines nearly pass by this square. You can walk through Las Ramblas street in a couple of minutes or you can walk through Passeig de Gracia street. If you want you can walk to El Born district which is one of the famous streets in Barcelona

If you want to meet a friend you can point this square as a meeting area. Catalunya Square is always full of people. It's nice to spend some time there and watching the people passing by and the birds flying around you. Generally, big shopping malls are located in this area and you can get on airport buses at this square. In the middle of the square you can see the stairs statue stands reverse. Around the square you will see Apple Store and some Hard Rock cafes. We highly recommend you have a rest if you like at Zurich cafe stands in the middle of the square. In Christmas time there is always a big ice skating area and you can have enjoyable time with many people at the same time. All outstanding buildings stand at the square to be discovered. If you like to get on ''hop off hop on'' buses the square is the best place. 

We will continue to write about some important squares in Barcelona city. We are happy to make your holiday in Barcelona better. For more things to do in Barcelona city please follow your Barcelona travel guide. Here below there is a video showing what is going in Catalunya Square. We would like to thank Abed El Rahman for the video. Thank you. Enjoy the video. 

Pabellon Mies Van Der Rohe

Are you an architecture student? Do you like discovering new architectural stuff while you are visiting a new country or city then Pabellon Mies Van der Rohe is the best place for you to discover in Barcelona city. With its simplicity, transparency and peaceful atmosphere you will feel relaxed and want to visit this authentic museum more than once. For who aren't interested in architecture or art, this area and the pieces in the building may come worthless or pulp but the simplicity and materials inside made this area one of the great achievements in modern art. 

Besides, its closeness to Montjuic Mountain and Magic fountains like 2 minutes or something on foot makes this place more attractive. Travelling in a country doesn't mean we should only discover the streets, food and drink or traditional dance but also it's necessary to discover places that locals know best and symbols of this city you visit. So Pabellon Mies Van der Rohe can be the best place to discover modern art in Barcelona city.

The square with water takes you to different planet. You may be inspired by that beauty and many original ideas can come to your mind while visiting this place. You can contribute your travel by adding this place into your list. In Barcelona tourist attractions are unforgettable and ready to make your holiday best. So don't forget to put tick aside Pabellon Mies Van der Rohe as soon as you have visited as you will feel the accomplishment. Discovering a place not many tourists go or bother to check in Barcelona can be enjoyable feeling and don't forget to visit fantastic shop and gardens waiting for you. How to go to Pabellon Mies Van Der Rohe? You can find the exact direction in the map.

Best Churros for Breakfast ''Granja Viader''

You are addicted to dessert and looking something delicious for breakfast in Barcelona? Why don't you try this legendary cafe Granja Viader in Barcelona city? It has been at service for four generations and so it's a family business and really offers delicious Churros for whom likes dessert at breakfast. Have you heard Churros? Some visitors to Barcelona couple times say that they have tried these unforgettable food and we highly recommend that you try it at least once as when you have tried you will not be able to give up:)

Granja Viader offers Churros, hot chocolote and ladyfingers for breakfast. You can find other dairy products but you should try Granja Viader for breakfast especially. It's best to try Churros with hot chocolate and you can alternatively order melindros (ladyfingers) and dip into sweet stuff. According to owners of Granja Viader, there have been great visitors actually habitues like Pablo Picasso. You may want to experience the atmosphere of this great artist's air by travelling in the history. 

If you are demanding about breakfast and cannot be sure where is the best place to have breakfast in Barcelona then you can visit Granja Viader with no hesitation! The atmosphere, environment, staff and the food served at Granja Viader makes your day start great. Going to Barcelona and not trying traditional Spanish breakfast? You may regret when you come back. So for detailed direction you can check the map below. The location can be confusing so don't forget double check before you arrive Granja Viader. Food and drinks in Barcelona is real fun if you discover the best places. So for more best restaurants in Barcelona please keep on following Barcelona city guide¡Buen provecho!

To see what is going on in Granja Viader check the video.

Is It Possible To Visit Barcelona Museums Free?

This post can take your attention more! Traveling all around the world may require some good budget. At least most travellers may think so. In Barcelona, seeing many museums means that you should arrange your budget well if you want to visit many of them unless you visit on these days. So if you arrange your visit days to these museums also then you are really lucky as you can enter free. We are really pleased to present some good travel tips for Barcelona city in this post. So what are these days to visit Barcelona museums free? Let's read below tips for Barcelona city tour.

We had mentioned about The National Museum of Catalonia in our previous post. It's a really good museum to see in Barcelona city. So if you visit the museum any first Sunday morning of every month or 11th September and 24th and also May 18th then you will charge nothing for your visit. It's free to visit The National Museum of Catalonia. The MNAC is located at Montjuic hill.

Another travel tips for free entrance to Barcelona museums is History Museum of Barcelona. It's free on Sundays from 3pm and during all day on every first Sunday of the month. If you would like to travel through history of Barcelona, then History Museum is a must see place in Barcelona city.

Do you like museums and this post is getting more enjoyable then hold thight cause free entrance to this museum will make you happier we guess. Museu Picasso! Yes you heard right:). Museum Picasso will provide free access any first Sunday morning of every month or 11th September and 24th and also May 18th. So you shouldn't miss this chance out if you are art and history lovers.

Finally free entrance to The Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona ( CCCB) will contribute much to your budget if you choose to visit the museum on the first Sunday of the month as well from 5pm to 8pm.

I hope you will enjoy this post while reading as travel tips for Barcelona city is really important issue for your travel to be perfect. I hope you can make the best of your holiday in Barcelona city. For more travel tips for Barcelona city guide please keep on reading our posts.