Modern Apartment Gothic Quarter

You don't want a hotel or pension in Barcelona city? You want to feel like you are home? Then this Modern Apartment in Gothic Quarter can be one of the choices you would like to think over about accommodation in Barcelona city. Being tourist in Barcelona doesn't mean that you will stay as tourist. You can feel local in this Catalan city. For travellers who prefer to hang around at the city centre of Barcelona city then this apartment will offer you the best accommodation option. So what are the facitilities of this rental apartment in Barcelona city?

In Barcelona, hotels, pensions, rental apartments and houses offer real comfort and there are many options at reasonable prices. This building presents logical price per day. We think the apartment is not expensive. You will decide at the end that it is cheap apartment in Barcelona. Per day it is around 85€ and may vary according to day and person option. The flat consists of 2 rooms and a bathroom. Maximum 5 people are allowed to stay. There are two seperate single beds, a double bed and a sofa. The kitchen is equipped with furniture and food options for self service. The owners have thought everything in detailed for your comfort. This modern rental apartment in Barcelona is at the heart of the city, Gothic Quarter. You can hop into Las Ramblas or Plaça De Catalunya in 5 minutes on foot. It's easy to access taxi, metro and bus stations. When you go out of the building you can get La Boqueria Bazaar in a couple of minutes. So if you would like to choose your accommodation in Barcelona with comfortable, reasonable prices and lux offers then you can contact to Raul and you will get reply in a couple of hours at most. For accommodation in Barcelona you can check our other posts. We will continue to present different rental houses and apartments in Barcelona city so stay wity your Barcelona city guide. Enjoy your staying! You can check reservation choises at tripadvisor.

Parc de Joan Miro

Another work of art in this ancient and magnificent city Barcelona. If you say that you are a true art lover then you really should see Parc de Joan Miro. The museum which is located in Montjuic presents many works of Catalan sculptor, artist and painter Joan Miro. The building inside and outside offers you a real piece of art. Parc de Joan Miro is the former name of the park. You can hear that people call this park Parc de Montjuic.

Let's have a look at biography of Joan Miro. Who is Joan Miro? He is a Catalan painter, sculptor, ceramist and artist born in Barcelona in 1893. In his works, you can see the elements of surrealism and manifestation of Catalan pride.

Joan Miro was an artist who spent his most of the time in Montparnesse in Paris and died in Palma. He was influenced by international art and reflected these elements on his works. Parc of Joan Miro is a must visit place in Barcelona city. After visiting the gallery, you can go up to terrace and see this incredible scenery of the city. Apart from this, you can have something to eat at the restaurant and watch many great dance shows in the garden. So if you wonder about places to visit in Barcelona then we highly recommend you follow Barcelona city guide. For more museums in Barcelona we will try to post more. Enjoy your tour in Parc de Joan Miro. Please pay attention that there is no place to hide from the sun in summer while waiting in line so you must be prepared. 

Christmas is around the corner! Dia de Navidad Christmas Day

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way...Yes! It's Christmas time in Barcelona not only in December but also in January. So if you are going to be in Barcelona city in Christmas you are very lucky to be able watch many nice shows which are more beautiful than the others. So what is going on in Dia de Navidad Day? What happens in Christmas time in Barcelona city? First of all if you decide to do shopping those times you may not find the exact places you are looking for as many shops and places will be closed in Christmas time. Lots of tourist attractions are also closed but some hotels and restaurants or bars are open and not all the metro stations are at work in Christmas. So here we have tried to prepare a guideline for your Christmas travel in Barcelona so that you won't have trouble.

Barcelona Christmas 2014 will be great. For whom likes to welcome New Year's Eve in Barcelona please hold on we are telling that you will have splendid time with these events. There are lots of things to do in Christmas such as celebrating Three King's Day which is traditional for decades and celebrated on 6th January, having Christmas lunch on 25th December 2014, shopping at some special Christmas shops or participating ice-skating events in Plaça de Catalunya. These events are just some of them that held every Christmas in Barcelona

So how will you understand that Christmas is around the corner? From the city lights lit by City of Mayor on 25th December. Every street is brighter than before and many places are decorated specially. Besides, Mountjuic Magic Fountain Light Show is free in December and January and you can have great time with music and light show from 5th December to 3rd January on Fridays and Saturdays between 19.00 and 21.00 but don't forget to get dressed warmer as the place is more windy than the city centre. If you like to feel Christmas more lively then you should visit Portal del Angel which is near Plaça de Catalunya to see the biggest Christmas tree in Barcelona city

To feel the local Spain and understand the customs of a different culture, Christmas may be the best time to observe new things about a country. In Christmas all family come together to celebrate Christmas in a festive style as in other European countries but in Spain you will feel this holy day more different. For instance Christmas starts exactly on 8th December with a religious celebration when the Catholics from all over the country try to rejoice the conception of Virgin Mary at churchs and the Christmas lights on the city are lit on that day. For real Christmas tradition you can join the Christmas Bonfire. According to belief, if you jump over the fire in the shortest day of the year, that person will be protected against to illnesses in Granada, Spain. Which is more enjoyable, you may watch the lottery draw organized on December 22 and it is also the second biggest lottery draw in the world.

So if you are in Barcelona in Christmas you will have a real visual feast. Here below you can find important tips about places and metro stations in Barcelona in Christmas time. Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve ( 24th December) the metro stations close at 23.00
On 25th December metro opens at 5.00am and runs till 2.00am.
On 26th December metro is at work from 5.00 am till midnight.
On 31st December New Year's Eve metro is open all day and night.

On 12th December, the biggest Christmas Market offers one-day festival for kids as extra and concerts on Avenida de la Catedral in Gothic Quarter. The market opens till 23rd December.

Typical Christmas dessert is Turron which is on sale on the markets in Barcelona.

On25th and 26th December, many shops are closed but for grocery shopping you can choose Opencor markets.

Enjoy the Christmas in Barcelona city.  For more events in Barcelona city please follow Barcelona city guide. For new year party in Barcelona you can check the

FC Barcelona - Cordoba CF Match

For visitors in December, there will be lots of events being held in Barcelona city. You may have chance to participate and watch FC Barcelona players live if you are in Barcelona city on 20th December 2014. On Saturday at 4.00 pm FC Barcelona - Cordoba CF match will be held in Nou Camp. Thanks to match, you will be able to see these successful and worldwide players and famous Camp Nou stadium

You can't miss this match out. FC Barcelona - Cordoba match prices are available according to level you choose. If you are fan of FC Barcelona it's the best event you can attend in Barcelona city. For more December 2014 Barcelona events, please read other posts in events of Barcelona city guide. Enjoy the match. For more information about the tickets please click on. How to get to Nou Camp? Please read our previous post about Camp Nou

Mercer Hotel Barcelona

Are you  going to travel to a magnificent city Barcelona and looking for the cleanest, quietest and most comfortable place to stay? Then, we would like to present a boutique hotel with ancient look but modern style. Mercer Hotel Barceona promises to offer its guests the best service during their accommodation in Barcelona city. In the heart of the city, Mercer Hotel is ready for your comfort and willing to to do their best to make your holiday unforgettable. If you are one of those who likes comfort, luxury and feeling the beat of the city's heart then Mercer Hotel can be at your accommodation list in Barcelona. It's a five-star hotel. The hotel has got 23 rooms and the rooms are really clean, comfortable and large. If you don't want to waste time for breakfast and dinner somewhere outside then you can smile as Mercer Hotel has its best about breakfast and dinner at its chic restaurant. Some visitors say that breakfast service a little slow but getting the best service may take some time. In an ancient building with modern style, Mercer Hotel is candidate to be the best of the hotels in Barcelona city

At every place of the hotel you can easily access to wi-fi service without disconnection problem. The reception and staff speak international English. With high standard accommodation, Mercer Hotel can make your holiday more enjoyable. If you choose to stay at Mercer Hotel, you will be able to access many tourist attractions in Barcelona city easily. It's near all places and city centre. For closer look, you can check the map and get the address of Mercer Hotel. For your most comfortable accommodation in Barcelona, try to follow Barcelona city guide's posts. Enjoy your stay in Barcelona. 

Barcelona Visions Art Gallery

If the subject is Barcelona, then it's inevitable to come across many museums, art galleries or art places in the city. Barcelona contains lots of art galleries. Barcelona Visions is one of these unique and fascinating galleries. It has been at service since 2012 but presents so many special photos. If you are interested in photography, you may want to visit Barcelona Visions Art Gallery

Seeing Barcelona from different eyes and understanding much more about this magnificent city will take you to a different world. Awakening and feeling different during your visit in Barcelona visions. This art gallery aims to welcome any person who is interested in photography. It doesn't only want to earn money but hug everyone that loves to be in photography world. You can find many fine photos at reasonable prices starting from 20€ up to 300€. So if you visit Barcelona city and like photography world, Barcelona Visions Art Gallery is a must see place for you. 

Beside being an art gallery, Barcelona Visions aims to support and lead people who are interested in photography and understands that photography needs a team work and enhancement. You can have chance to see Barcelona of today and Barcelona of years ago. Getting closer to the history of Barcelona may excite you. Nowadays in December 2014 you can attend an exhibition by Esther Laudo that consists of her works between 1983-84 years while she was at neswpaper ''Sport''. Streets, venues, places and people of Barcelona. All of them are in the photos at the gallery waiting for you. If you would like photography to be part of a consumer product then you need to support Barcelona Visions by visiting and may be buying an art of work that takes your attention. If you wonder about art galleries in Barcelona be in touch with Barcelona city guide. We would like to enhance your holiday in Barcelona city. We believe travelling is the art of life. Buen viaje! Here below the address of Barcelona Visions. You can also check the map. Enjoy the tour at Art Gallery. 

Address: Carrer dels Banys Vells, 08003

Photos of Parc Del Laberint d'Horta

How poetic strolling in Parc del Laberint d'Horta in Barcelona city is. Begun in 1791, the design and construction continued until 19th century. The park which was the property of Desvall Family was handed over to city hall and became public in 1971. Neoclassical elements and mythology reflections make the park more magical and mysterious. 

The park in Barcelona has three terraces consisting of lower, intermediate and the uppermost terrace. In these three terraces you can see different parts of the park. In lower terrace, there is the hedge maze which gives the name to the park and you will be amazed by the labyrinth's beauty and appearance. The trees are 750 meters long. It's enjoyable to play hide and seek. In intermediate terrace, there are Italian pavillons, statues and Roman temples' replicas and in the uppermost terrace you will come across with pavillon dedicated to nine muses and a big pond with water that comes from a nature source. So Parc del Laberint d'Horta is may the places to visit in Barcelona and we highly recommend if you are looking for something different in Barcelona ciy. So please check the photos and see how beautiful the park is. For more parks in Barcelona please follow Barcelona city guide. Enjoy the photos.  By the way some parts of Perfume movie were set in this park. You can read more about Parc Del Laberint d'Horta.

Photos of Passeig De Gracia Street

Looking at photos of Barcelona will make your desire come out and you will want to see this soft and practical city again or for the first time. Before, we mentioned about Passeig de Gracia street which is the most chic and expensive area of Barcelona city. Now in a seperate post we would like to present fine photos of Passeig de Gracia so that you can have chance to see how fashionable the street is. If you are fashion hunter and want to spend a good amount of money then Passeig de Gracia is the right choice for you. For others who don't want to do shopping in this area, there are different facilities such as walking in large sidewalks,sitting and having rest at fine cafes and restaurants. You will be amazed by the street lights designed in art noveau and feel fresh thanks to green area in the street. So for more Barcelona photos check our Gallery and stay with your Barcelona city guide. Let yourself learn everything about Barcelona city. Here below Passeig de Gracia photos. Enjoy the tour.