CosmoCaxia - Science Museum of Barcelona

Museums in Barcelona are one of the attractions that take people to the different planet in the world. Known as a thing to do for kids in Barcelona, CosmaCaxia is a place where both children and adults learn and have fun at the same time. CosmaCaxia Museum was opened in 1981 as Science Musuem of Barcelona for the first time then it closed in 1979 for renovation. When it was renovated, the museum was reopened as CosmoCaxia Museum in 2004. 

Attractions in Barcelona are numerous and for travellers who are going to visit Barcelona city, a good city plan can be better if you don't want to waste time and miss out the best places to visit. So here Barcelona city guide is trying to present places to visit in Barcelona city day by day. 

So what can you do in CosmaCaixa Museum? There are forests similar to Amazons, planetarium, aquarium, a science museum where kids and adults can do some small experiments. You can experience how wind and rain occur and watch the ants' ordinary day in a transparent wall. All physics principles are shown on a tv and you can have chance to feel the space while watching the documentary. CosmoCaxia is a five-floor building and it has got spiral structure and visitors can reach the top by walking. There are lots of activities and parts in the musuem to see so you had better arrange your day as it takes at least 4 or 5 hours to visit completely.

Entrance fee is 4€ per person. The museum is a little bit out of the city but you can reach CosmoCaxia Museum by bus called Avinguda Tibidabo. In this musuem you will be in touch with science, archaeology, physics and nature. It is a dreamy world everyone must see. All the videos are in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Apart from these facilities, you can have a rest at the cafe, drink something and eat your meal. The building is outside seems a little old but when you enter this fascinating world, you will come across with a modern building. If you like magical world then CosmoCaxia is the best place you should visit in Barcelona city. For musuems in Barcelona you can check our other posts about museums. For the video, we would like to thank Felipe. 

Photos of Tibidabo Mountain

Such a beauty in Barcelona city, we couldn't help ourselves to write about again and again. Yes, we are talking about Tibidabo Mountain's effect on us. For a dream holiday, you really would like to choose Tibidabo Mountain tour during your Barcelona city holiday. It's not only a mountain standing and observing the city, it is also a place where both young and adults can have joyful hours at the same time. 

You can hike in the paths with amazing scenery, you can have fun like kids at the amusement park or you can make contributions to your history knowledge and art world at Automata Museum. So if you plan a holiday in Barcelona, you had better not to disregard your Barcelona city guide. We will continue to let you know everything about Barcelona city and tourist attractions in Barcelona. Here below please enjoy the photos of Tibidabo Mountain and the facilities in Barcelona city. Thanks for the photos. We tried to collect photos with various views. If you think the photos violates any rights please contact us. Thanks for your interest. 

Automata Museum of Tibidabo

Can a mountain have much things to serve to a traveller at a time? If it is Tibidabo mountain, it is absolutely yes! In our previous post, we tried to write about Tibidabo mountain. In the article you can find information about amusement park, funicular and the mountain view. Beside these beauties, there is one more thing you can enjoy if you love museums. This time it is an automata museum. Automata Museum of Tibidabo which is located at the Amusement Park offers you the 19th and 20th century automata spanning examples. What is more, it can be great experience to see the latest acquisition of a finalist in the automata competition held in 2005, Japan.

All the objects in the museum are in good shape and repair so this Automata Museum is candidate to be the one in its contemporaries and you will have chance to see coin operated figures at fairgrounds, children toys that look like vintage and mechanical games. If you would like to add extra meaning to your holiday in Barcelona city, then we highly recommend to spend some time at this marvellous museum. Feeling the ancient times and travelling in the history will contribute lot to your point of view. I hope you will enjoy this place when you visit Barcelona city. For more places to visit in Barcelona city, please contact to your Barcelona city travel guide. Have a nice tour...

Tibidabo Mountain - A Magnificent Scenery

With its unique Barcelona city scenery and its enjoyable amusement park, Tibidabo Mountain is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona. For nature and joy passionates, Tibidabo Mountain really offers its visitors fascinating view of the city from the sky. For touristic attractions in Barcelona city, it generously offers many magical places for visitors. In Tibidabo mountain, on the top you can see the colorful wheel in the amusement park but you should note that this park is not open everyday or season. It is generally at service at weekends. For hiking in Tibidabo mountain you may want to wait for the right weather conditions but if you don't have time then you can watch the sunset from the mountain. If the weather is clear than seeing the great air view of the city, you will be suprised how beautiful the landscape is. 

Beside the scenery and amusement park, you will have chance to visit a telecommunication tower and the church called Temple De Sagrat Cor which is also a catholic church as usual and a copy of Sacre Couer in Montmartre, Paris. All these places in Tibidabo Mountain can be seen from the city inside as Tibidabo Mountain is the highest of all in Serra de Collserola. On the top of the Catholic church whose construction was lasted 60 years, there is a sculpture of Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Some ridings in the amusement park have been dated to 20th century and the park was featured in Woody Allen's movie named Vicky Christina Barcelona. If you wonder about the transportation options, you can reach Tibidabo Mountain by funicular, railway, buses, bikes or by car. We highly recommend you to use funicular which gives you colorful journey to the top.

So how do you get to Tibidabo Mountain? You can take L7 subway till Avinguda del Tibidabo Then change into Tramvia Blue and lastly get into cog railway to Tibidabo mountain or alternatively you can use Tibibus from Pla├ža de Catalunya which takes for every 20 minutes. For better Barcelona holiday plan please follow Barcelona city guide. Thanks for commenting on our posts. If you wonder about anything else about Barcelona city, you can inform us and we will try to do our best. See you in the next article. For video thanks Tibidabo Best Views. 

Studio Mosaiccos

On the road to Barcelona, the city of Gaudi, one should visit this studio located in the heart of the city. Studio Mosaiccos is a place where you can make your own souvenirs if you want. It's a place where you can learn to shape mosaics and how Gaudi had a quick mind about mosaics. Studio Mosaiccos is a workshop that you can attend the events when you are in Barcelona city. Some visitors may think this workshop is a little pricey but when you think that you create an object of art in Gaudi's city by taking example of him can be motivating for you to participate this workshop.

There are seminars and workshops for young learners, kids or adults. As soon as you finish your workshop you will able to have an idea about the various mosaic techniques. In Studio Mosaiccos, you will be much closer to be master in mosaics and also you will feel the motivation and communication in the studio. 

Studio Mosaiccos is located in El Born district and is close to Picasso Museum. So if you are an art lover and would like to try your own mosaic piece of art then it's a good choice to attend Studio Mosaiccos activities. Here is the map for a quick check where the shop is. For more things to do in Barcelona you can read Barcelona city travel guide's post. I hope we can make your Barcelona holiday more enjoyable and colorful with our suggestions. 

National Library of Catalan

A city which embodies the history and culture inside and reveals these results in its historical buildings. Barcelona is just the city that tries to preserve its cultural inheritance. In Barcelona city holiday, you may want to visit this ancient and fascinating library called National Library of Catalan. So National Library of Catalan's aim is to protect, collect and inherit the bibliographic production that belongs to Catalan world in the heart of the city. 

The library was established in 1907 and opened to public in 1914. In the 15th century, the library was used by Hospital De Santa Creu. Due to civil war in Barcelona, National Library of Catalan was closed for some time but after the war, the library was opened for public use again. What is interesting about National Library of Catalan is its collaboration with Google. This Catalan library agreed to be partner with Google on digitization project. So after this partnership, National Library of Catalan has started to digitizing of the books the library contains. 

With its traditional appearance, National Library of Catalan is a must see place in Barcelona city if you have extra time. There is two large size chess that people can watch during the play. For more tourist attractions in Barcelona, please stay with your Barcelona city guide. We hope you enjoy your time in Barcelona city holiday. 

Flamenco Night - La Casa Vella

If your holiday destination is somewhere in Spain like Barcelona, then a flamenco night is a must do activity during your holiday time. Especially in Barcelona city, there are various flamenco dance shows at different venues. Mostly the city centre is a popular place to see a flamenco dance show in Barcelona. According to many visitors in Barcelona, La Casa Vella is a place to watch this unique traditional dance during your holiday. Generally travellers like to discover and taste food, traditional dance, city soul and tourist attractions as soon as possible. So when we think about Barcelona, flamenco dance show should be in the top places in your list. 

If you like to dance, eat something speacial and taste traditional drinks in Barcelona city, La Casa Vella is the best choice to spend a night for a great flamenco dance show. With sharp movements and great music tone, flamenco show will take you to the stars. If you would like to feel the ancient times of these interesting and magical city's and dance with the soul of the city, so we highly suggest you make your reservation at La Casa Vella beforehand so that you won't be disappointed as La Casa Vella gets sometimes really crowded due to its popularity. 

When you watch one-hour flamenco dance show don't forget to be taken a photo with traditional outfits at the place. Also in this buildinig you will find a place where souvenirs are sold. So making time for this fascinating flamenco night will create an uforgettable moment in your agenda and photos collection. So in order to learn about more about Barcelona city, stay with your Barcelona city guide. If you ask Barcelona flamenco dance shows, La Casa Vella will help you a lot about your curiosity. I hope you can make your time for this great show in Barcelona city. Enjoy the traditional flamence dance shows with us. 

Here below you can find the map showing where La Casa Vella is. Enjoy your voyage.