Public Holidays In Barcelona

In previous article we tried to introduce some public holidays in Barcelona which are religious or national holidays. If your agenda for your Barcelona city travel coincides with any of these bank holidays in Barcelona you may be lucky to be able to watch a real local festival that belongs to the city and you just should be aware that public transportation in bank holidays can be limited and restaurants, banks, bars, offices or shops are closed on those days. If the holidays cross Tuesday or Thursday then Barcelona people will take Monday or Friday off. In Barcelona city they call it pont or puente when they combine the days on holidays. Here we will continue to mention about national holidays in Barcelona from March. You can check January and February holidays in Barcelona if you click National holidays in Barcelona.


Good Friday and Easter Week is observed to welcome spring in Barcelona city. Catalan call it Holy week as a week of holy occasions starts with Palm Sunday and eventuates with Easter Sunday. It starts with Semana Santa which is Palm Sunday and grandparents give the children an Easter cake called monas de pascua. Occasions take place at Ciutat Vella. A strict Catholics don't eat meat on Easter week. Instead they prefer seafood. Every year the occasion day may vary but Easter week in Barcelona city 2015 will be like that; Good Friday is on April 3, Easter is on April 5 and Easter Monday is on April 6. The Easter week is generally celebrated in March. You can check the Public holidays calendar in Spain from our site.


Sant Jordi Day or in other way Saint George is celebrated on April 23 every year. This occasion includes books and roses. So what does it mean? In 1616 the most famous poet Cervantes died and Shakespeare was born. In the memory of the patron of Catalonia, on 23rd April all couples who are not married come together in the streets and give each other book and rose. The tradition in Sant Jordi Day is men give roses to the women and women give books to men. In some sources it's known as International Day of the Book. Even though it's not known why Sant Jordi became the patron of lovers but books and roses represent love and literature at the same time. If you will go to Barcelona city with your lover and your travel time coincide with April 23 why don't you participate this lovely occasion? For your best holiday in Barcelona city we suggest you follow your Barcelona city travel guide. Here below we present a video to set an example for Good Friday procession at night. Enjoy the video. 

Holidays in Barcelona City

Barcelona city likes to celebrate any kind of holidays. They don't distinguish whether it is a bank holiday ( public holiday) or religious holiday. For each holiday they organize a ceremony. People in Barcelona at festivals dance, come together and enjoy the holidays. We here try to explain all kinds of holidays celebrated in Catalan world such as bank, national, religious, holy or public holidays. What do Barcelona people do in public holidays? How do they celebrate the national holidays? Some holidays are celebrated all around Spain but some are just regional holidays. So when you plan your Barcelona city travel you can take the holidays days into consider and may arrange your calendar if you would like to participate the festivals in Barcelona city. You will find the holiday explanations separately and mentioned in each month.


New Year's Eve is celebrated on 31st December and 1st January. It's Spain official public holiday and in every region this day is celebrated. On January 1 is actually a public holiday to rest after the previous night's hectic. People in Barcelona celebrate New Year's Eve at bars or restaurants among family or friends. The places are generally closed at 10pm and opened at 1am to celebrate New Year again. Traditionally, people eat twelve grapes on that night as they believe it will bring luck for the next twelve months. At Montjuic every year since 2013, a major event has been organized. New Year's Eve in Barcelona is really worth to see.

Three King's Parade is observed on January 5 and is a national holiday in Barcelona city. Three wise man, the stars of Three King's Parade are Gaspar, Melcior and Baltasar - Els Reis Mags D'orient. The ceremony begins with three kings' arrive at Port Vell and they will run through the city centre. At this procession the three kings' train is lined with people at any age and they raise the children's candles. This is a children fest so the next day children put their shoes at balconies or streets and they wake up with the presents in their shoes. On that they people eat traditionally cake called Tortell de Reis.

Horse Parade is a day when you take your pets to the church to be blessed by the saint of animals Sant Antoni. No matter how small or big is your pet you can take it to church. If you don't have one then you can still participate the event to watch a parade of horses and carriages. On that occasion, people eat a cake similar to Tortell de Reis which is round and has got little candied fruits and small animals inside. So watch out while eating your cake. In different resources the occasion date is written as January 17 while in other as January 25.


Carnivals in February starts 40 days before the beginning of Easter on Palm Sunday. It's a long festival time. The beginning date varies each year but generally the carnival time starts on January 7 and ends on January 13.

Santa Eulalia is a day celebrated in a festival concept for the second patron saint. The festival is aimed at children so lots of events, occasions or enjoyable games are organized. People are dressed as dragons and evils and run in the streets breathing fire and sparks. This festival is based on all family member's joy at the same time. Traditions for this festival are dressing costumes and eating omlette or egg sausage and burying a sardine. The main characters of this carnival are Rei Carnestoltes or the Rei de Poca Soltes. The main districts for the carnivals are Passeig Del Born, Passeig Picasso and Parc de la Ciutadella, neighborhood around Mercat de Santa Caterina. The day is celebrated between 7 and 12 February.

For your Barcelona city travel guide please follow our articles. We will continue to explain the bank holidays in Barcelona and religious holidays in Barcelona city. To learn more about festivals in Barcelona please read for our next article about holidays in Barcelona city. Here below there is a video including some scenes from Three Kings' Parade observation. We hope you enjoy the video. For more holidays videos in Barcelona please check the videos part at our site. Thank you.

How Can You Spend A Day In Barcelona?

You are travelling to another country and on your way you will pass by Barcelona city during your trip. So you have got just one day and you don't know how you can get best of Barcelona city in a day. If it is summer time you can book up your agenda with really enjoyable activities. From sunbathing at Barceloneta beach to watching A Magic Fountain Show you can spend your day fully. A short walk and fast shopping if you need something for the rest of your holiday on Las Ramblas street and then an appetizer with delicious tapas

For your best day in Barcelona city follow Barcelona city travel guide. We can offer a quick but good day option in Barcelona city for your daily trip. You can start your day with a fast breakfast in the morning and around 10 you can have a big breakfast with delicious coffee. Between two breakfasts you can walk through the streets to see what's going on. After the big breakfast you can go down La Ramblas street and check the shops to buy some local stuff for you and your friends. At noon you can pop in a tapas restaurant which we had suggested in our earlier articles and then go to best beaches to swim for a while. After having a good time at beach you can get prepared to taste a good and long lunch at best restaurants in Barcelona city. After that you can take a short walk in La Boqueria Market located in Las Ramblas street. You can buy some food for your travel. Later on, you can jump into a metro and see La Sagrada Familia which is in the city center. On the way back you can see Casa Mila in other words La Pedrera by great architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

 You can see the works of Gaudi and the house style by visiting there and by the way you can't miss the chance to see the great rooftop with fantastic arches. While you are walking back to the city centre on Passeig de Gracia street you can have a quick look at the most expensive shops such as Prada or Armani. If you get hungry it's time to taste delicious Catalan kitchen. You may try Paella which is a mix of seafood and rice with the accompany of famous Spanish wine Sangria. If you are vegetarian please check our articles about vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona city. In the evening if you have still time you can watch an amazing flamenco dance show at a good bar called Los Tarantos located in the city centre Plaça Reial district near Las Ramblas. 

These are the suggestions for only a sample day in Barcelona city. You can tour at our site and make your own program for a day trip in Barcelona city. Enjoy your travel in Barcelona city. Here is a sample video for how can we spend a day in Barcelona city? For more Barcelona videos you can check videos part at our site. 

An Advertising Video of FC Barcelona

Everybody loves Barca! All around the world any football fan of a club knows that FCB is a symbol of Barcelona city football club. Somehow people feel sympathy about Barcelona football club. Their success, symbols, players and vision make FC Barcelona adorable. If you are a real Barcelona city fan then we suggest you watch this advertising video of FCB and Qatar Ways showing their unity. You will see how FCB and Qatar airways have become a symbol of Barcelona city. We are pleasant to represent this enjoyable video about Barcelona. We hope to move on being your Barcelona city travel guide. We will try to add lots  Barcelona city videos about any subject so that you can enjoy while touring at our site. Enjoy the video. 

A Short Film About Barcelona

Until today we have tried to describe the best places to visit in Barcelona city, Besides, our effort to describe Barcelona city with its all unique examples has been growing day by day. Of course, there are still many events, photos, places to visit or life style of Barcelona city which should be mentioned about and we promise that we will offer you the best of Barcelona city. Day by day lots of films about Barcelona city or Spain are being made and we are grateful to present Barcelona videos at our site. Here there is a short film about Barcelona city by which you can have a quick look at the city. It shows many touristic attractions in Barcelona city. You will go for a walk at Barcelona streets, you will see Santa Maria Del Mar church which is located at the centre of the city, you will come across the local shops situated in alleys, you will feel the holy atmosphere of Sagrada Familia Basilica and The Agbar Tower which is the highest building in Barcelona city will welcome you after that you will have fun at a fun fair overlooking the city before you see the funicular travelling through Port Vell, you will wander around the most famous street of Barcelona city called Las Ramblas, you will be fascinated by the Magic Fountain Montjuic Light Show which moves synchronized with music and at the end of the video you will meet Sacred Heart Church lying on the top of Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona city. So we hope you enjoy the Barcelona city video. Don't forget to follow us to learn the best of Barcelona from your Barcelona city travel guide. Thanks Rob Whitworth for this great video.

Rent a Car in Barcelona

You have one week in Barcelona city for a vacation and you want to make the best of it. So you decide that hiring a car in Barcelona city will save time. At some point you may be right but you should remember that rent a car in Barcelona city may give some problems to you. So in this article we will try to mention about advantages and disadvantages of rental car in Barcelona city. First of all you can start to plan your trip including the person number attending to the trip. After that, it will be a good idea to decide whether you really need a car rental in Barcelona city for your travel. As the transportation in Barcelona is really easy  you can get everywhere whenever you want and in time as you wish. The transportation network is quite wide and even the farthest places can be reached easily by public buses or metro. Apart from these, parking can be a problem in Barcelona city. There are green or blue zone at the streets for public parking for your private cars which charges you at least 3€ for an hour and you can't buy a ticket for whole day. So that means, you need to buy a ticket for every two hours. If you calculate the payment at the end of your holiday this means a lot. Of course there are big underground parking garages operated by SABA located every district in Barcelona city and definitely they will be close to your hotel/apartment. You can park your car there for many days you want and if you pay for weekly or multi days it will be cheaper.

As metro stations and stops are connected to each other, travelling the city is really easy on your holiday by public transportation but if you really need a car rental then we can recommend you some rental car companies. If you would like to rent a car at the airport then you have lots of choices. At terminal there are two car rental companies but once you come out of the terminal and walk just a few minutes and across the road you will see many car rental firms opposite you. It's possible to rent a car in Barcelona city online before you arrive the city. So how much does it cost to rent a car in Barcelona city? To rent an average car in Barcelona city apart from parking lot fee but with gas inside for a week is approximately between 200 and 250€. It includes all gas and insurance stuff. The parking fee is around 60€ for a week. So you should add this to the cost. Actually it doesn't cost too much if you travel crowded. It may be cheaper than public transportation and you can discover the places that public transportation doesn't stop by. If you visit Barcelona city on summer and decide to swim and see the beaches then having a private car would be helpful very much.

When you plan a Barcelona city travel you can look through what you need at our site. So it can be helpful for you to follow your Barcelona city travel guide. When we make recommendations for our site visitors, we try to make the best ones. We care about your time, money and effort. So for your best holiday in Barcelona city we will keep on giving the cheapest, best and easiest ways for your travel. Here below there is a map showing car rental companies at city centre in Barcelona city so that you can check the nearest one to your hotel/apartment. 

Apart from idea of renting a car in Barcelona city you can also think about the options of travelling by taxis. Taxis in Barcelona city are yellow and black. It's easy to recognize. You can call a taxi by just raising your hand in the middle of the street or wait for a taxi in front of the big hotels or at the city centre. At nights taxis are a little more expensive. Be sure that you talk about luggage, passenger number and trips to airport with the driver beforehand. These points may change the current fee for taxi. Sometimes at the weekends it may be a little harder to find a free taxi in a short time but don't worry about that as Barcelona city is a really big city and offer a newcomer many public transportation ways. There are plenty of taxis so it won't be so hard to find. Generally taxi drivers don't know English. They just speak Catalan or Spanish but somehow they are eager to do their best to comfort you and they will take you wherever you want to go. If you haven't decided on transportation options in Barcelona city you can read more about public transportation in Barcelona city by clicking here.

Barcelona Beaches

Is there a beach in Barcelona? Ohh you can't miss that chance in this lovely and hectic city in summer. Barcelona has got big, relaxing, peaceful beaches. In any season, going the beaches is a must activity. In winter you will be fascinated with beaches' amazing scenery. Big, long and large beaches make the landscape marvelous. You can sit on the clean and fluffy sand and watch the sunset. Take your drinks and enjoy being isolated from stress of the city life. So what about summer? If you plan a Barcelona city travel in summer you really should go seaside and enjoy the sea. In summer, the beaches will be crowded but as you see in the photos, Barcelona beaches are really big and they welcome everybody! We will give examples of Barcelona beaches photos so you can choose the best beach in Barcelona and enjoy swimming.
So what are the most popular beaches in Barcelona city? We will tell about each beach in Barcelona below but here we would like to give some Barcelona popular beaches names in Barcelona city like Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, Mar Bella and Bogatel

Barceloneta Beach: This beach is one of the most crowded and may be sometimes dirtiest beach in Barcelona but everybody likes having fun at this beach. You can see dancing vendors selling drinks or donuts and the music is on the air. If you like being in crowded sand then why don't you go there and have some fun like locals? Besides being active, Barceloneta beach is the nearest one to the city centre. You can access there by using yellow line metro or on foot in 20 minutes. However you go there you will have fun and can have your meal at American restaurants and bars.

Nova Icaria Beach: If you want to lie down on the beach which is near the city centre but not as crowded as Barceloneta beach then Nova Icaria beach is the perfect choice for your summer holiday in Barcelona city. There are lots of facilities at this beach such as you can play table tennis or beach volleyball. Besides, as Nova Icaria is close to a shopping centre which has got a cinema with English subtitle you can have some time for snack and watch a film while going back at your hotel. You can go Nova Icaria by using Ciutadella and Vila Olimpica. You can walk and get the beach in ten minutes from these two metro stops.

Mar Bella Beach: This beach is famous for its nudist visitors. Generally gays and lesbians like to sunbathe at Mar Bella beach. It's also famous for its water sports. If you like water sports such as windsurfing or kayaks Mar Bella beach is a must see place. As it's famous for its water sports, there are not many bars or restaurants at this area. 

Bogatel Beach: During your vacation in Barcelona city especially in summer, we think that you should see the best beaches in Barcelona city. Bogatell beach is very close to Olympic Port but it's a little far from Bogatell metro station which takes 15 minutes by walking but when you first get there you won't regret as this beach is the cleanest and calmest one when compared to above beaches. There are lots of restaurants and bars so you can have good time while sunbathing and enjoying the sea.

So what about the safety, cleanliness and facilities in Barcelona beaches?

If we should talk about these points we can say that for cleanliness all beaches in Barcelona are tried to be clean regularly and municipality has strict policy about the cleanliness. Of course beaches far from the city centre are more clean but don't worry about the beaches near city centre as they have EU blue flag and the people are generally careful about the environment.

If you look for more facilities such as sports you can choose Mar Bella Beach but at all beaches there are music, party and beach volleyball areas. From April to September, you can join many events at these lovely beaches in Barcelona city.

About last point safety in Barcelona beaches, we can say that  tourists and local people are lucky as there are no big currents or dangerous sea animal spending time near shore:). You can swim without worries but of course it's good idea to know the basic signs on the shore:

Green Flag; You can swim. There is no danger. 

Yellow Flag; You need to take caution while swimming.

Red Flag; You may not see many red flags in Barcelona beaches but it means you can't swim here.

Planning a travel to Barcelona city in summer will offer you lots of activities with its beaches, events, concerts or tourist attractions. So we suggest you follow your Barcelona city travel guide so that you won't waste time while taking notes about Barcelona travel in your agenda. Here below you can see the map of Barcelona beaches and other options if you like.

Apart from sunbathing and swimming you can join beach parties in Barcelona city. Here there is a video for quick check to see what's going on in Barcelona beaches in summer! Enjoy the video.

Music in the Parks Festival

If you hear this program for the first time don't worry you haven't missed anything as Music in the parks festival is held every year in Barcelona city, So you can attend this lovely and relaxing event this summer. This music show is for open air concert lovers. In 2014 Barcelona events are really full with many concerts and theatre shows. From all around the world many people try to attend these shows every summer in 2014. In Barcelona city, every single day is full with many activities. Any person can attend at least one event. Music in the Parks organization is held at various parks. You can have chance to watch great music concerts held by young musicians. In Music in the Parks Barcelona program there are two different shows based on Jazz and municipality band. From June to August you will see young jazz musicians on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.00 pm in Ciutadella Park and in July you can listen to performances of young musicians based on classical music concert from Thursdays to Saturdays in different parks. Every Thursdays from July to August it's likely to watch municipal band performances. Barcelona 2014 events are not only these ones. If you wonder about events in July 2014 in Barcelona city please follow Barcelona city travel guide. We hope you can find an enjoyable event that you will like. Enjoy your holiday in Barcelona city this summer. Don't miss out upcoming 2014 events in Barcelona city.

For a detailed program you can check on this address:

Grec Festival in Barcelona

This July will be great in Barcelona city. Numerous events whole July will be held out in a summer fest concept. If you plan a journey to Barcelona city in July 2014 then this festival may be just for you. Every year since 1976 Grec Festival has been held in Catalan world. On Montjuic mountain a quarry which wasn't used that time was converted to an open-air stage and it took an example of the theatre at Epidaurus. Every year in July this Grec Festival in Barcelona is held. The events don't only consist of theatre plays but there are also music concerts, exhibitions, symposiums, dramaturgy workshops including readings or writing. Generally events are in English with Catalan subtitles. If you plan a Barcelona city travel and are lover of art then you shouldn't miss out this fest in July 2014. In Barcelona city there are many activities to do in summer and this Grec Festival is only one of these. You can check the events category to see all activities in Barcelona city so while you plan your vacation in Barcelona you will have chance to spend your days in full. We will write about events in July 2014 in Barcelona again. You may see and choose the best events which suit you from our articles named Barcelona events 2014 July. Don't miss out upcoming events in Barcelona City. We hope you will have great time. To book up your agenda during your holiday please follow your Barcelona city travel guide.

For a detailed festival program you can check this address:

Parc Guell in Barcelona - An Antoni Gaudi Work

In Barcelona city, you may come across many tourist attractions and may be sometimes your agenda will be full during your stay in Barcelona. In this article we tried to give information about an engineering marvel located in Barcelona. Park Guell in Barcelona city is one of these most fantastic places to see when you are on holiday. As we told before Antoni Gaudi is the greatest architecture of Catalan world and Park Guell is an artisanal project again belongs to Antoni Gaudi. Park Guell is located on the hill of El Carmel in the Gracia district of Barcelona. Earlier, the park wasn't intended to be a park.

When we have a look at the history of Parc Guell we see that actually this area was thought to include many residential garden village similar to English model including sixty-single houses. Eusebi Guell one of Antoni Gaudi's friend asked him to carry out this project. Gaudi started building the houses in this area until 1914 when they understood that this project was totally a failure as Guell couldn't sell a single house. The project was carried out 14 years. After this failure Gaudi wanted to buy a house with his savings which was built by one of his collaborators. Gaudi and his family with his father lived in this park until 1926. That's why there is Gaudi House Museum in Park Guell.

After 1922, Park Guell was opened to public visit and since then it's possible to visit Gaudi House Museum, the houses and the park itself. There are magnificient mosaic constructions in Park Guell. The park offers you a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while wandering around. As in all Gaudi's work, he incorporated many religious, nationalism, mysticism and ancient poetry to the park. Gaudi was a real Catalan architecture. Stairs and pavilion parts of the park were designed by Gaudi. The parts of pavilion look like Hansel and Gratel's house. The houses in the park remind you wandering in a fairy tale. The stairs on the entrance of the park were designed by Gaudi and lizard figure became symbol of the Park and Barcelona city also. Here on the stairs you will see a marvelous trencadis ceramic patterns. They are worth to see while you are in Barcelona city travel.

To be able to visit the park area and houses you don't have to pay anything but if you would like to visit monumental area of the park it's necessary to pay around 8€. Please remember that if you visit Sagrada Familia Basilica, too you can buy economical ticket to visit both Park Guell and the basilica. There are two houses which were completed during Gaudi's time for housekeepers and visitors.

You will need to pay for Gaudi House Museum but it's worth to see while you are in Park Guell. You may feel Gaudi's life a little bit as he and his family lived in that house between 1906 and 1926. The house was designed by another architecture called Francesc Berenguer. In the museum you can see some Gaudi's furniture and drawings. 

From the Park there is a fantastic Barcelona city scenery which offers you a panoramic view. You can access Park Guell by metro or touristic buses but when you get off the metro ( Lesseps metro stop) you need to walk for a while and go up the hill. There are escalators to access the upside of the park so it won't be hard to wander around. Due to its unique design, Park Guell was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1984. In Park Guell, you will see library, a playground for children, cafe and fountains. You can bring your dog with you if you like. The Park is open all year from 8.00 am to 21.00 pm. 

While you plan a Barcelona city travel try to find out best places to visit. As there are lots of things to do in Barcelona city we suggest you follow a real Barcelona city travel guide so that you will have a great and unforgettable vacation in Barcelona city. When we discover a new place it's good idea to see all the structures, monuments or art of works which symbolize the city itself. As Antoni Gaudi is one of the best symbols of Barcelona city, it may be necessary to see all works of him. Here is a great video explaining every little detail about Park Guell so after you watch that video you may want to visit Park Guell much more:). Enjoy watching...

A Food Tradition - Tapas-

In Spain people live to eat not eat to live! So we guess that you should know the traditions of local people about food and drink in Barcelona city. One of the best Spanish dishes is Tapas. Actually this is not a main course but it is name given for a collection of small dishes which consists of many different food kinds such as slices of bread or meat, a bowl of almonds, meatballs with sauce or skewer with pickles. So in this article we are going to mention about what is tapas, what is there in tapas, which tapas restaurants are the best, the history of tapas and how to order tapas

What is Tapas?

Tapas is a general name for a collection of wide variety of small dishes such as appetizers or snacks  served on a plate in Spanish cuisine. So Tapas is a name and it consists of different food types served warm or cold. It is chosen for an entire meal but sometimes tapas lovers can order a few different plates of tapas to make a main course. In Central American Cultures ''bocas'' is used instead of tapas and in Mexico ''botanas'' is also used to indicate small dishes collection as tapas.

The History of Tapas

Tapas idea has arisen from the history of Spain itself with the help of incorporating of other cultures throughout history. Meeting olive after Spanish came across with Romans, invasion of North Americans brought almonds, citrus fruits and spices have tried to form a type of dishes in Spanish cuisine.

When are Tapas plate served best?

In our earlier articles we had mentioned that people in Barcelona and all Spanish give a really big importance on dinner. They generally eat dinner between 9 and 11 pm. and for lunch people in Barcelona prefer time between 2 and 4 pm. So if you try different tapas types you can choose noon and the time before dinner is served. Of course this suggestion is for travelers whom like to act as local people:) . You can try tapas any time you want but you should know that in Barcelona, tapas is preferred for appetizer. That's why it's called mini-menu. For a tourist there is no exact time to try new things. So feel free while giving order tapas that you choose.

Types of Tapas

There are many kinds of tapas also vegaterian. As you can make your own plate there will no problem to choose your best mini dishes. Here we would like to give some general tapas names and kinds. Generally tapas consist of traditional food cooked in modern style. It is possible to taste tapas consist of goat cheese with tomato jam, mushrooms on iberico ham. For vegetarian tapas you can try aubergine in tempura with grated cheese and bread with olive oil and romanesque sauce plus a scalloped grilled cheese and a white sauce with bread. Some vegeterian tapas names are cojonudos, Banderillas, patatas bravas, brie cheese with roasted garlic. ( pictures from right to left the first picture tapas' name is cojonudos which is not vegaterian.)


Non vegetarian tapas names are ham croquettes, mondaditos de Berenjena (eggplant, chicken & peppers), empanadillas gallegas, ham, cheese and chorizo with bread and pulpo gallego ( galician style octopus).


Generally tapas dishes are flavored with garlic, paprika, chilies, salt, saffron and olive oil. Seafood tapas are generally consist of squid, anchovies, mackerel, sardines in a tomato based sauce. In Barcelona city, it's easy to find all kinds of tapas at bars. If you will taste tapas for the first time we suggest you select a good tapas bar in Barcelona city. When you plan a Barcelona city travel, it's good to know earlier best tapas restaurants if you like to try new tastes.

Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona City

If you are going to try Catalan cuisine then you had better search for a best tapas bars in Barcelona city. According to travelers and timeout magazine some best tapas restaurants in Barcelona are;

Quimet i Quimet Restaurant which is open from Monday to Friday between noon and 4pm, 7pm and 10.30pm. On Saturdays and holidays it is open from noon to 4pm. The restaurant is in the centre. The dishes are generally canned food but montaditos which is sculpted tapas served on bread is great. Apart from this you can try salmon sashimi with cream cheese, honey and soy or cod, passata, and black olive paté. Please prepared to its hectic atmosphere so try to arrive earlier. Generally tapas bars serve you standing which enables you make conversation with people easier. You can access there by using Metro L2 or L3.

El Jabali tapas restaurant can be a good choice if you want to try best tapas in Barcelona city. It serves best patatas bravas, chicken salad and cured sausage. There is a terrace on top if you would like to sit and have a look around. It is open every day but monday from 9am to 2.30 am. You can access there by using Metro L2 or L3.

La Taverna Del Clinic tapas restaurant is a very unique local restaurant. If you like hanging around like local, this restaurant may be a good choice. You can try creamy morels with foie, a sticky oxtail stew made with Priorat wine or a tiny skillet of chips, fried agg and crispy jamon. The octopus igloo is really worth to taste. The restaurant is open between Monday and Friday from 7.30 am to 11.30 pm. On Saturdays it's open from 1.00 pm to 11.30pm. You can access there by using metro L5.

Above tapas are general ones and there are other types of tapas. As you see, it's not a specific plate so it can consists of many different type of food. So it can be a good idea try any kind of tapas in Barcelona city to try a local taste on your Barcelona city travel.

At restaurants it's easy to see different names for tapas. Here below there are general tapas names that you may come across.

Raciones: You will come across a price for  raciones and tapas separately. It is the same dishes but racione word is used for bigger portion. This is the only difference. So if you are hungry you can select raciones.

Pinchos: This kind of tapas is used for dishes served on slice of bread and as we mentioned above in Quimet i Quimet restaurant you can see many samples of pinchos.

Tips for ordering tapas at restaurants;

In Barcelona city, tapas are mostly served in crowded bars and people usually stand but of course there are tables to sit. Firstly you should tell the waiter that you are going to eat while drinking something. Another tip to order tapas is as the restaurant will be crowded make sure the person taking order see you. If you don't know the exact quantity for your tapas you can ask the waiter about the right portion of tapas you order. They will help you about that. Some tapas are served hot so when you order they will heat your tapas for a while and after that you can grab your tapas but don't worry that they will take your attention when your tapas is ready.

When you plan a travel to Barcelona city, it's important to know what you eat or drink. As we don't want you regret about your vacation in Barcelona city, we try to inform you about local and Catalan cuisine so that your holiday can be perfect. We hope we can be your best Barcelona city travel guide.

Here is a tapas video showing some types of tapas in Barcelona city. You can have a look at this delicious tapas before you arrive in Barcelona city...