Apartments in Barcelona - Barrio Gotico District

Accommodation options, choosing best place during your travel to another country may become an important issue but if you follow your Barcelona city travel guide you will easily find the best place to stay during your trip in Barcelona city. When you check on internet before your travel, you will see lots of advertisements including apartments in Barcelona for your temporary stay in Barcelona city. In this article we will give information about the apartments located in different places but near the city centre. As you can access the city centre by walking farthest in 20 minutes actually it's not so big deal to rent an apartment in Barcelona city even if it's not located in the center. So you can check the options below and can decide what kind of apartment you should rent before your Barcelona city travel. I hope we are on the right way on being your Barcelona city travel guide. For Barcelona vacation rental houses here is the right address to see the options. Accommodation in Barcelona city hasn't been so easy!

Barcelona Apartments by districts:

Barrio Gotico ( Gothic Quarter) District;

1) The Gallo V Apartment ( 5 single beds, 1 double bed, 4 bedrooms and untill 7 persons, 2 bathrooms. It's fully equipped. Please note that parties and pets are not allowed. You can checkin after 3pm and checkout before 11pm. It has got a balcony. The building has no private parking lot but around 200 mt you can find a parking lot. We should warn you about that parking is a little problem and you may pay much more for parking than renting a car. Apart from this free wi-fi is also available. The price is 128€ per night. It may sound a little pricey but if you plan your trip to Barcelona city with a group or a family).

2)The Music VII Apartment ( 2 bedrooms and bathrooms for maximum 6 people. There are two single beds, one double bed and one double sofa bed. It has got balcony. You can checkin after 3pm and checkout before 11pm. Please note that parties and pets are not allowed. Apartment features are really good. You can find many good furniture at the apartment do your stay will be really comfortable. Beside all positive sides, unfortunately young groups are not allowed to apartment. Free wi-fi is also available. The price is 96€ per night. For a comfortable and relaxing stay in Barcelona city, it's a good idea to check these options. Please note that there is no parking area).

3) The PTF Casa Batllo Apartment ( This studio apartment is 40m2 and available for maximum 3 people. It has got one double and 1 single sofa bed. Like above apartments no parties and pets. Checkin and checkout times are the same as above. It has got a balcony and bathroom. The most important thing you look for during a holiday may be free wi-fi as it connects you easier when you are abroad so you can find free wi-fi at this pretty studio apartment. As we mentioned before, apartments generally don't include parking area. So if you have a car and you want to rent a car you should be prepared to park your cars at special parking lots near your apartments. The price is 80€ per night.

4) The Rousseau IV Apartment ( This Barcelona vacation apartment is located in Barrio Gotico district but it is on the edge so this apartment is really close to Las Ramblas street and Port Vell. It has got 2 single beds and one double bed with 2 bedrooms for 4 people maximum. The checkin and checkout times are the same. The rental apartment in Barcelona city is fully equipped for your needs. When you want to stroll around the city, Barrio Gotico is a good start to discover the city especially the old town of Barcelona city. There is no balcony. The price is 92€ per night.

As you see the vacation rental apartments in Barcelona city are not so expensive. It's easy to find cheap rental apartments in Barcelona city. There are many options with similar features but in lower prices. So you can decide on best apartment according to person number in your holiday. Rental apartments for your holiday in Barcelona city provide many good facilities so why not be a good option to think when you plan your Barcelona city travel. In our future posts we will give example of apartments for your stay in Barcelona city located in different districts. I hope these options can be helpful on your Barcelona city travel guide

If you ask more apartment options you can contact to us and we can provide many more rental houses in Barcelona city. You can ask us for translation service which is totally free if you have any problem. In order to contact us for your questions you can e-mail us via this address 

In order to contact for these apartments please apply this address: 
Tel: (+34) 93 268 80 51 
Pasaje Sert 1-3 bajos 08003 Barcelona España

Shopping in Barcelona City On Sales

Shopping in Barcelona is an unforgettable experience. If you are addict to shopping then you are at the right place as so many shops are open till 10.00 pm. In order to feel the atmosphere of the shopping in Barcelona city here is a video. You can find many shops selling goods from traditional to trendy things. So when you decide a Barcelona city travel we suggest you to be prepared to spend money on shopping during your trip in Barcelona city but don't forget that there are huge sales twice in a year which we mentioned in earlier post about shooping in Barcelona city. So don't hesitate to shop as there are lots of options for everyone's budget. Have a nice shooping in Barcelona city. We will keep on posting updated subjects about Barcelona city in order to be your Barcelona city travel guide. Thanks for following us. 

Shopping on Las Ramblas Street

Everybody loves shopping! So we are going to tell everything about shopping in Barcelona city. In our last articles we tried to give general concept of Barcelona city shopping and some shopping tips in Barcelona. Here and future posts will be about best shopping stores, districts and places in Barcelona city. All these shops are collected for you in different categories so for anyone who has different styles can find anything for themselves. Don't worry because all these shops are the best in Barcelona city! To buy good quality at reasonable prices follow our shopping posts at our site as we are determined to be your Barcelona city travel guide better day by day....

Shopping at Las Ramblas Street on Plaça de Catalunya:

Every district has its own style, prices policy and shopping concepts. So we will give information about shopping by separating districts according to these themes. The heart of Barcelona city centre is considered as Plaça de Catalunya district and Las Ramblas street which is the most famous one. Yes, you can find many shops, stores in different concepts of big brands, souvenir shops, street sellers, street artists, painters, florists. Some says Shopping on Las Ramblas street may be overcharging. It may be true for some stores but generally shopping on Las Ramblas district offers you reasonable prices. You can find Mango, H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, C&A, Desigual and etc. There is also a good sport store near El Triangle Centro.

If you are lovers of vintage and antique things then we recommend you see alleys of Las Ramblas district. There you can find many souvenir shops, things for everyday, vintage clothes or furniture, candy or food shops and new trendy shops. You may come across many local shops unique in Barcelona city and of course there is always chance to bargain at these shops! These shops are loveable and they do really love their traditions. So it's the best area to feel the atmosphere of local people in Barcelona city. To discover a new city means to discover the tradition out there waiting for you! In these alleys of Barcelona city, it's possible to come across very cute shops that you will never want to go out! Spending time at these shops will give idea about the life circulating in Barcelona streets

When you walk upper of Las Ramblas you will come across a department store called El Corte Inglés which sells many clothes for everyday and has got a cafe top of it. If you walk down Las Ramblas street through the port you will reach Maremàgnum department store. Here you can find supermarkets, cinemas, stores, cafe and even a disco! Here is a thing. Front windows of Maremàgnum shopping centre are made of full glasses standing on the top of course and you can see yourself while standing in front on condition that you should look up:) You can drink or eat something after you do your shopping viewing great port lying in front of you. 

For whom likes street art, there are street artists on Las Ramblas street. You can find many paintings to buy and if you like it's a great chance to you have your charcoal drawing had. When you want to snack, you can try some pancakes served with different sauces on Las Ramblas and get some energy so that you can continue to shop:) There are banks to sit and enjoy the scenery while watching the life in Barcelona city streets. 

Opposite El Corte Inglés, there is another shopping mall where you can find various electronics, Dvds, Cds, text books, concert tickets, music albums, novels, dictionaries, English printings, some clothes shops and pastry and cafe. FNAC is on Plaza Catalunya in the mall called El Triangle Centro commercial. FNAC is a French institution but it has got more than 150 stores in different countries. You can buy your concert tickets online and get your ticket from FNAC store while you are in Barcelona city. It's a good chance to make better your Barcelona city travel.

If you look for food shopping then we suggest you to see La Boqueria Market on Las Ramblas street which stands on the right if you walk down through port. We have given information about La Boqueria Bazaar before. You can check this post to see the details. 

If you are fond of chocolate then you should wander around Petritxol street to check chocolate shops, art galleries and stationeries. A few steps forward you will be able to cross Petritxol street. It is the oldest pedestrian street so it's highly possible to feel the local Barcelona

Beside chocolate shops, you may want to buy some bakery food. On Las Ramblas in El Raval from Escribà shop. It's a good choice to rest and try some cakes with a good quality coffee at Escribà. Secondly don't forget the street vendors selling amazing jewelleries at the end of Las Ramblas street near the Port. The vendors are not always at the same place but it's likely to come across them near that neighborhood. If you decide to see alleys of Las Ramblas then we can suggest another shop which sells handmade and craft things such as shoes, bags or hats in Avinyo street near Las Ramblas. The shop is called La Manual Alpargatera. It's very old shop and famous for combining trendy and ancient clothing. 

If we briefly summarize here all the stores and shops' names mentioned above we can say that you may want to check Mango, H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, C&A, Desigual, El Corte Inglés shopping mall, Maremàgnum department store, FNAC in El Triangle Centro, La Boqueria Market, Petritxol street, Escribà shop, La Manual Alpargatera and of course the local shops which we can't give specific names as there are more than one. 

Please don't forget to check specific stores and shops that we describe by name in our other articles about shopping. 

Here it's a video showing shopping on Las Ramblas street with a quick look. Don't forget there is more than video when you discover Barcelona city on your own! Enjoy the tour.

How to Shop Tax Free?

What about tax free shopping in Barcelona? How can I shop tax free? Do I have to fill form for each shopping? What is Global Blue Card? Where I can shop tax free? There are a few options to claim back your tax. Please note that visitors from outside European Union can have their Value Added Tax (VAT) returned for more than €90.15.  Don't forget to ask the sales person before you pay your tax free cheque in Barcelona city. You can claim back your VAT at the center of the city and also at airports. Where you can get your VAT at the center of city is; 

1) Tourist information centre in Plaça de Catalunya, 17-S:

Time: Daily, from 8.30am to 8.30pm

Important: Only Global Refund Tax Free cheques are valid.

·           2) Main Office of tourism de Barcelona:
         Passage de La Concepció, 7-9
         Time: Monday to Saturday, 3pm to 8pm.
        Important: Global Blue, Premier Tax Free and Travel Tax Free cheques are valid.

      You don't have to fill form for each shopping you do abroad. You can use Global Blue Card and each shopping will be added automatically to your card so you can claim back your VAT at the end of your last shopping. That means it saves time and money at the same time. So how can you use Global blue Card? In Barcelona city, during shopping you won't worry about getting your tax back all the time so you can shop easily. When you plan your  Barcelona city travel these little details will help you much. You have to apply for Global Blue Card beforehand so that it will ready when you travel. You can check the official site of Global Blue Card if you like. In Barcelona city, many stores and shops at shopping malls work with tax free concept. So if you see tax free on the store window then you can claim back your VAT. In Barcelona tax free shopping is important if you really like shopping. So don't forget to check all details about shopping at our site before you make your decisions! 

      Here there is a video about Barcelona Duty free stores at the airport and there are some funny 

       scenes at the video so enjoy watching!       

Shopping in Barcelona City

Someone says ' I have been shopping for my life and I have nothing to wear'. If you are one of these persons who agree with that saying then you are at the right place now as this article is for people who are passionate about shopping!

Shopping is a must activity when you travel. It's generally thought that women are fond of shopping but men do also really love to shop at different places in different cities. So we can say that you are lucky if you plan a Barcelona city travel as this amazing city is a candidate to be a fashion city in the world. You have lots of options at different styles so whatever your style is you will find the greatest product you want. While you wander in Barcelona city, it's really easy to realize that this lovely city lives in various life style and you can find many fine products ranging from handmade to manufacturing goods. So what makes Barcelona attractive about shopping? What about London, Italy, Paris, New York or Berlin? Yes, these capital cities are one of the best shopping centers of the world but Barcelona is cheaper than these cities even the city offers very fashionable goods. For where to shop in Barcelona city, you can check our articles about shopping options and places. We try to be your Barcelona city travel guide and we hope you will enjoy your shopping after you read these articles about shopping in Barcelona city as any person who loves buying new things during travels know what he wants but may not know the best place to shop. Our shopping articles will include everything about the store names, the district explanations, the kind of products like handmade or manufacture goods, cheap or expensive shops or you would like something fashionable, vintage or historical, etc. Barcelona is a paradise for shopaholics. So decide what you want, arrange your pocket ( for any budget there are fascinating things) and come to Barcelona!

In Barcelona city, you can do shopping easily. Vendors, sellers, sales persons or shop owners can speak English very well. In communication, you won't have any problem as they speak Spanish, English or Catalan. You can buy ceramics, wine, clothes, sweets or cakes at local stores, furniture, art works, souvenirs, handmade and craft clothing or electronics, etc. 

Shopping Opening Times:

Are the shops close on Sundays? Are the shops close on holidays? Most stores in Barcelona city open at 9.00 or the latest 10.00 am. Local shops can be open till 8.00 or the latest 9.00 pm but larger shops like shopping malls are open till 10.00 pm. On Sundays, all shops are closed but you can find only Maremagnum Shopping Centre at harbour of Barcelona open on Sundays! Big shopping brand stores or shopping malls are not close for brunch but local shops are generally close for lunch time. Lunch times can change according to shops but generally it varies from 1.00 to 4.00 pm.

Shopping On Holidays in Barcelona?

On Good Fridays, Easter Mondays and Sundays shops and stores are closed. For other national and religious holidays opening times, please check before on the internet as the days may change annually. 

What about the Sales in Barcelona City?

If you want to taste bargaining in a different city then two sales times in a year should be noted. For winter sales times you should start on 6th January till end of February and for summer sales times you should arrange your Barcelona city travel from mid June to end of August. You won't be able to believe your eyes as sales can be up to 50 or 75%.

So When is Barcelona Shopping Night?

Yes, you've heard right. There is an organization called Fashion and Shopping Night in Barcelona City held every year. As it reveals from the name, this organization is only one night but it is worth to attend as every year from nearby cities, more than 25.000 people join this event held generally in November night. Fashion and shopping night was inspired by Fashion Night Out organized by Vogue. For Barcelona Fashion and Shopping Night, Harper's Bazaar, the BCN city council and the associations of Passeig de Gracia make their contributions. Each year the exact date may change so it may be good to check beforehand if you plan a travel to Barcelona city in November. This is a Christmassy shopping event so it may be organized in 2014 in late November. On the event night, all streets where organization held are closed to traffic so you can wander around the city while you do your shopping. All the shops are open till 1.00 am on that night and music will be everywhere on the streets so enjoy spending money and joining some illustrations for Christmas time in Barcelona city.

Here below there is a video from Barcelona Shopping Night 2012. Where to shop or for the best stores in Barcelona city, please follow our other articles about shopping. There are many things to do in Barcelona city and shopping is just the one of this!

Little Known Facts About Camp Nou

Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe yet there are some facts which are known little. We have information about the seat capacity, matches played, the history of Nou Camp and similar things. If you call yourself a real traveler then Camp Nou is a must see place in Catalan region as the stadium has had many idol players such as Ronaldinho, Messi, Kubala and Rivaldo, etc. Here in this article we try to let you know about interesting facts of Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona city. Let's have a look at the interesting facts below. 

1) Camp Nou means New Stadium in Catalan. 

2) Due to roof of the stadium which prevents growth of the grass needs to be regularly changed.

3) Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium with 98.000 seats now was once one of the largest stadium in the world with 120.000 seats such as Brazil and Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

4) Fans of FC Barcelona are called ''cules'' which derives the word from Bum as the only thing we can see is their backsides when the spectators stand.

5) A new version of Camp Nou which will be designed by Norman Foster will cost approximately €300 million.

6) The stadium hosted Olympic Games in 1992 and at this match Spain beat Poland with 3 goals to 2.

7) The Original name was Estadi del FC Barcelona.

8) The construction took 3 years with 336% over budget more than estimated!

Please check the other articles about Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona city at our site so that you can have complete idea about the stadium. If you have any interesting fact about the stadium. please share with us. On the road being your Barcelona city travel guide, we are pleased to share everything about Barcelona city.

You can click here to read more about Camp Nou in Barcelona city.