Camp Nou Stadium Gallery

We are proud of presenting new gallery about Camp Nou Stadium. In our last article you can find a detailed information about Nou Camp in Barcelona city. Here you can find old and new version of the stadium photos. By 2021, Camp Nou new stadium will be completed but there are some arguments about this new version of Nou Camp. British Norman Foster is an architect who has lots of awards and we can't judge his ability but according to some people living in Barcelona city say that the new version isn't really a new one. They don't like the new appearance. Of course we all do respect these ideas of Catalan people. As Camp Nou is a symbol of Barcelona city, they have right to indicate their thoughts. The seats and the services will be enlarged by 2021. So what do you think of the new version of Nou Camp? You can share your ideas with us and we would appreciate. We would like to give information about the things you want to learn to be able to be your Barcelona city travel guide better. Thanks for your interest. Here below check the Camp Nou Gallery.

For more about Camp Nou please visit our article about history of Camp Nou

Camp Nou Stadium

Football is one of the biggest issue of a country on which it gives importance. Around the world, there are many big football clubs and they do really have great impact on the countries. So in Barcelona city there is a huge football stadium you should tour and we think anyone has an idea about this football stadium. Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe and FC Barcelona is, too. Nou Camp has been home for Football Club Barcelona since 1957.  The construction began on 28 March 1954. The Football Club Barcelona or Barça has been active since 18th November 1899. The stadium hosts many football clubs from all over the world, Catalan National Football Team and UEFA championship matches with approximately 98,000 seats and this capacity makes Camp Nou biggest in Europe and 11th largest stadium in the world. In Catalan world, Nou Camp is not only a stadium but also a symbol of Barcelona city. You can see a stand displaying a motto  which made Barça Més que un club,meaning "More than a club"

Nou Camp has got a five star facilities and services. Some of the services it offers are a chapel to pray for players, a memorabilia shop, mini-pitches for training matches, stores and a museum which is second most visited in Barcelona city. The museum offers a selection from photos of FC Barcelona to  jersey that Messi wore. There is an art gallery in the museum displaying many great works by Dali, Miro and Tapies. Visiting the museum makes you understand the history of FC Barcelona deeper. Camp Nou has been used for other purposes beside football matches. Until now, many great concerts were held at the stadium such as Bruce Springsteen, Julio Iglesias, Pavarotti, Michael Jackson or Sting. 

If you like, there is an audio guided tour in Nou Camp Stadium. You will walk through the tunnel where players pass and arrive the pitch. You will sit on the team benches and feel the atmosphere. In this tour, you will be able to visit Press and TV room, Presidential Box and chapel. It's accessible to people who need assistance. You can attend the tour all year round but please note that it's not open on 1st January, 6th January, 24th September and on Christmas Day. Adult visitors should pay 25€ and children 17€ for the tour and visiting the museum. Children up to 5 are free to enter. Below there is link to buy the tickets online. 

It's a new design of Camp Nou  by British architect Norman Foster which will be completed by 2021

How to get to Nou Camp Stadium?

There is a tramway you can choose. 500 mt from the stadium there is Trambaix Avinguda de Xile Station. You can use Lines T1, T2 and T3.

Beside tramway, you can access Camp Nou by metro from Barcelona metro. There are a couple of stations near the stadium which changes according to which gate you exit but mostly 1000 mt is far from the stadium. You can use Palau Reial, Maria Cristina and Les Corts. On workdays and Sundays, metro runs till midnight. 

Here a video showing the development of the stadium till 2014. Enjoy watching.

You can buy the tickets online at . If you like discovering every part of a city then we highly recommend you visit Camp Nou soon. You may want to check the location on the map.

Everybody loves Barça! There is a video for you made by fans of FC Barcelona or in other way Barça. If you have any idea about Camp Nou, please share with us. Have a nice time with the video. I hope we are able to be your Barcelona city travel guide.

Tips for Food & Drink in Barcelona City

While visiting a city that you will be for the first time, it's good to know the tips about food and drinks there. In Barcelona city there are different local food and drinks which are traditional in Spain and if you know the tips you can make the best of it. So in our last article we tried to introduce you one of the finest restaurants of Barcelona city but we didn't give the tips of food & drink in Barcelona. In your country, food terminology may differ and when you travel to different city from your hometown then you may need some ideas before you plan your Barcelona travel. We will go on being your Barcelona city travel guide. Here below some useful tips for Catalan cuisine. 

1) In Barcelona, breakfast is generally to go but there are some places you can have breakfast. ( In food & drink article we will give the restaurants' names).

2) Restaurants are generally open until 11.30 pm.

3) Lunch time is basically from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

4) Dinner time usually begins at 9.00 pm until 11.30 pm but of course there are some restaurants you can have your lunch before 9.00 pm. You can pop up fast food restaurants or bar snacks before 9.00 pm.

5) Try to search some good restaurant both at quality and price as it will be the first time in Barcelona city you had better try the best traditional food so that you won't feel bad about Barcelona city's food. For instance, there are so many tapas restaurants but of course not all of them offer food at good quality!

6) Try to check the “Menú del día” menu of the day as this will let you pay less like 12€ for three separate courses at the same time with bread and a drink such as bear, water of soft drink but please note that coffee is not included in this fix menu.

7)In Barcelona city, doggy bag I mean taking with you what you haven't eaten is not common. You may want to pay attention to this issue.

8)Leaving tip is not expected highly at restaurant but if you would like to %5 of the bill is pretty more than expected.

9) On Thursdays generally  Paella is only served at restaurants.

10) Sometimes it may get difficult to find a place to have something after 4 am but there are a few snack bars open till morning if you can come across.

11) Lastly, if you can't decide on what you eat at lunch or supper, act like local people and have what they order from menu of the day.

If you have any other ideas about food and drink tips in Barcelona city, please share with us. We would appreciate your suggestions. 

Where to Eat in Barcelona - Teresa Carles Restaurant

We generally want to try some good food while we are in different country. In Barcelona city, there are various fine restaurant which offer reasonable prices and delicious menu. Here, we would like to introduce you a good restaurant that you will never forget when you come back your home town. When you read this article you won't need to worry about best restaurants in Barcelona city. Teresa Carles is a vegetarian restaurant located in Carrer dels Tallers in Plaça de Catalunya. It is in the center of the city and have a peaceful atmosphere as it is in side street so you don't feel the hectic of the city. Teresa Carles may be a vegetarian restaurant but it has many options you may like it if you are not a vegetarian. It has got various menu options such as fruit juices, cakes, pastas, desserts, salads and lots of delicious creative vegetable menu. You should try its breakfast menu also. Omelets with al pesto tomatoes shouldn't be missed out in the breakfast. In each month the restaurant display its menu on the internet.

For breakfast they serve from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. For a la carte, they serve from 12.00 pm to 11.30 pm. You have chance to make reservation online. Teresa Carles serves Mediterranean, Catalan, vegetarian meals. They offer the fresh and best vegetables. Inside the restaurant is really peaceful and the stuff is very warm. They speak English very well so you won't have any communication problem. There are fix menu but you can make your own plate. In Barcelona city, Teresa Carles is a really fine restaurant to eat having any worries as they offer best menu and vegetable meals. So you can check their menus before you plan your Barcelona city travel so that you don't waste any time while looking for a place to eat. In Barcelona city, Sangria and wine tastes really good so we recommend you that you should try some vine in Teresa Carles while having your lunch or dinner. This is one of the fine restaurants that we offer in our site to be able to be your Barcelona city travel guide but we will keep on describing different restaurants that serve in different concepts. 

They look very delicious don't they? If you plan a Barcelona travel and want to taste really fine vegetarian food then you had better choose Teresa Carles. The restaurant has got excellence certificate given in 2014. We think they do their job really good so don't hesitate to try some vegetarian menu while you are in Barcelona city.  Here below the map of Teresa Carles restaurant. 

Here below you can find the address and the phone of the restaurant. 
Adress:  Carrer de Jovellanos, 2, 08001 Barcelona, İspanya
Phone: +34 933 17 18 29

Sónar - Summer Festival in Barcelona

In Summer, Barcelona city is more active and dynamic. There are numerous festivals where lots of performances are put on ranging from art to music. If you are one of Barcelona city lovers, it's likely to hear about this upcoming event in June in Barcelona citySónar music and art festival will be held between 12th and 14th June. It will be great 3 day massive music and art show. You can attend music concerts, art exhibitions, puppet shows for children or record fairs. Sónar festival consists of two parts. Sónar by day and Sónar by night will be held in three days. In your Barcelona city travel this event will be unforgettable. We highly recommend if you are fond of electronic music as Massive Attack will be part of this event. If you ask where this festival will be held we can say that there are various venues but if you decide to participate this amazing event in June then you can check the official site as not all the events will be displayed at the same place. You may check the places. Follow your Barcelona city travel guide and don't miss out any events. We will continue to let you know about upcoming events in 2014 in Barcelona city.

Here you check the shows dates and decide which performance you will attend.
Friday 13 - Sónar by Night
Richie HawtinRöyksopp & RobynCaribouWoodkidFour TetPretty Lights,ModeratFlux PavilionLoco DiceTodd Terje2manydjs (dj set)Gesaffelstein,Evian Christ (dj set)The Martinez BrothersReconditeKaytranadaHappa,Downliners SektRon MorelliSvengalisghostMonkiAlizzzVisionistcopeland,Professor Angel SoundKresyMr. K!Eme DJMario Nieto

Saturday 14 - Sónar by Night
Massive AttackCHIC feat. Nile RodgersRudimentalLykke LiBoys NoizeJames MurphyI Am LegionDj SnakeFuture BrownTigaYelleBrodinskiDaphni b2b James HoldenPaul WoolfordRalph LawsonDebukasLaurel HaloMatthew Dear,Camo & KrookedUZSibotUNERDJ Nigga FoxPau RocaShelby GreyXavi Mateu y Carlos BayonaBSN Posse

Thursday 12 - Sónar by Day
Plastikman | ObjektTrentemøllerChris & CoseyMachinedrum Vapor City LiveBen FrostNils FrahmRyan HemsworthDaniel MillerNisennenmondaiDaito ManabeDébruit & AlsarahChris Madak aka BEE MASKBFlechaKorelessT. WilliamsLeo AldreyHarald BjörkDe La MontagneSuzanne KraftBalagoDesert,Elijah & Skilliam intr. Flava DNev.EraDiscos Paradiso CrewOrdre Etern

Friday 13 - Sónar by Day
BonoboBuraka Som SistemaJon HopkinsTheo Parrish (dj set)Oneohtrix Point NeverMatmosForest SwordsFM BelfastSimian Mobile Disco present Whorl,Jessy LanzaHenry SaizOren Ambarchi presents Knots with Sinfonietta Cracovia,Robert PiotrowiczHucciTarek AtouiThrowing SnowEmufuckaTrancemicsoul,Dengue Dengue DengueSau PolerJameszooSimonne JonesOcto OctaPina,Sònia Gómez & Lucy Suggate with James HoldenEnpuntoDJ DerSanatruja

Saturday 14 - Sónar by Day
Neneh Cherry with RocketNumberNineKid Koala presents Vinyl Vaudeville 2.0,AudionJames HoldenDJ HarveyDâm-FunkWhoMadeWhoTOKiMONSTADJ2D2,StwoClipping.Roll The DiceMajical CloudzSinjin HawkeLouis Baker,AstroboyzRudi ZygadloJolly MareLove CultArufePick A PiperTerritoire,Sunny GravesRayo-60Glue Kids3QUIN0XVallès

You can check the places at this official site of festival in Barcelona city.

La Sagrada Familia Travel Tips

If you visit a city or country, it's better to know the travel tips beforehand. This will make you save time  and money. Every  place has its own travel tips. In this article we will give tips about visiting La Sagrada Familia. These are our suggestions but we think that you will like when you read the tips. Barcelona city is beautiful in every season but if you plan Barcelona travel especially in summer then this tip is really suits you.

La Sagrada Familia Tips:

1) Especially in tourist season like summer times , there is a long queue in front of the basilica. It's likely to wait for long hours ( sometimes 2 hours) to enter into La Sagrada Familia so you had better buy the entrance tickets online and you won't wait in the queue. 

2) If you don't have chance to buy the tickets online then don't forget to take water and umbrella with you and also put on some suntan cream so you won't get sunburnt.

3) If you stay in the centre of Barcelona city, La Sagrada Familia is not far away from the city centre so you can access there on foot if you like walking in 20 minutes. So don't get cheated if you are told it is too far. Of course you can get there by metro or taxi. This is just a suggestion:) 

If you would like to add any Barcelona city travel tips please do not hesitate to  make your comments. We would really appreciate your ideas.

The Montserrat Monastery Gallery

In our last article we tried to give information about Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona city. Here you can find many beautiful photos of Montserrat Mountain. A Monastery on the top of the magical mountain! Religious elements are everywhere of the mountain. Catholic monks and the choir boys make this holy monastery worth to see. So if you plan a travel to Barcelona city, we highly recommend you to visit this amazing monastery. Please check our Gallery part for more Barcelona photos. All the photos are taken by us. I hope you enjoy the fascinating Montserrat Monastery photos in Barcelona city and we will continue to be your Barcelona city travel guide.